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Indie Graphic Novels is an international group of independent artists and illustrators that self-publish art, comics, graphic novels, posters and webcomics. We regularly accept work by artists from around the world. Language and geography is not a barrier to art skill.

Indie Graphic Novels is not Marvel or DC focused. We love Darkhorse, Toyko Pop, Top Shelf, Last Gasp, IDW and Archaia for the same originality that we value in our own work in comics and graphics novels.

Our goals are simple: to promote indie books, build small press awareness in the general public and feature comics by all of our members.

This comic arts group is for:

* Self-Publishers
* Webcomic Artists
* Manga Artists
* Small Press Graphic Novelists
* International Artists
* Traditional Illustrators
* Digital Comic/Book Designers
* Student Artists
* Fans, fans, fans!

General Guidelines for Members:

1. We are an indie group for original titles and not a Marvel/DC fan comic or character group. No Spider-Man, Hulk or Superman fan art will be accepted.

2. Nudity, as in the artistic sense, is acceptable. Depiction of the human form is great - fat, skinny, sexy, etc. Pornography or hentai, as in explicit sexual imagery, intercourse and genital contact are not acceptable. This includes written or text file pornography as well. Also, no dongs.

3. A maximum of seven (7) entries a week are allowed from any member, or contributor, to Indie Graphic Novels.

4. No photographic work (portraits, photo-manipulations), unless it is of artist merchandise, will be accepted.

5. No icons will be approved for gallery folders.

6. "Trolling" aka the unwarranted harassment of members, guests or users will not be tolerated.

7. Theft of artists' work from this group, including false attribution, will not be tolerated. This will result in expulsion from this group and being reported to Deviant Art for potential account termination.

8. Violations of these simple rules will result in one (1) warning followed by a compulsory expulsion from this dA group.

9. Any member, or contributor, that commits a severe violation of one (1) of these rules such as posting multiple amounts of pornography or venomously disrespecting a member or user will face a mandatory expulsion. No exceptions. Violating Rule 9 also means being reported to Deviant Art and potential account termination.

10. No re-posting of any other artists original work unless you are or were on the art or writing team that generated the page or image. Theft or impersonation will be reported. Violating Rule 10 also means being reported to Deviant Art and potential account termination.

The Submission Process:
Each page needs to submitted to the correct folder. Each entry is voted on by the admin of Indie Graphic Novels. Please read the folder details here.

The Featured Folder is for the highest level of art submissions. Please only submit your best work here. If a piece does not meet guidelines it will be rejected or pulled from this folder without notice. Not not submit infographics to the Featured folder.

Examples of accepted art in Featured:
Jirni page 2 issue 1 in store may 22th by pant
Menu spread color copy by SteveLeCouilliard  Night of the 80's Undead 3 by BillMcKay   The Eight Issue #1 Cover by DigitalCutti Tailypo by quickmind

The Covers is only for comic covers. Cover must include a title and preferably the writer's and artist's names or information.

Examples of accepted art in Covers:
R.u.N. Tankoubon Volume #1 - Kickstarter by Mangatellers
GARGANTUAN # 3 (cover) by RUIZBURGOS CoffinCrushers comic by RobinKeijzer Black Hitler saves Hannukkah by michaelharris Prymal Cover COLOR mock up 1 copy by ericalannelson

The Pages is for completed pages only. We primarily accept color pages but black-and-white pages are also acceptable.

Examples of accepted art in Pages:
JAILHOUSEROCK by otisinhell

Mature Content

Dark White: Page90 by DarkWhiteComic
<da:thumb id="410290091"/> <da:thumb id="452000662"/> Extraction - Page 7 by LightSeeker

The Cards is for completed sketch cards in color. Because we focus on indie and small press most (95%+) Marvel and DC character sketch cards will not be approved by vote. However, re-interpretations or obscure characters will be considered.

Examples of accepted art in Cards:
Colossal Kaiju Combat SPN 2 Trading Card Samples 2 by fbwash
Sketchcard Final Fight Retu by fedde Rantz Angels set 3 by KidNotorious Spellcasters Sketch Card 3 by tonyperna LADY DEATH AE CARD 1 by AHochrein2010

The Pencils and Inks Folder is for roughs of comic pages. Please do not submit single sketches unless you feel that the sketch is out-standing enough to be voted into this gallery.

Examples of accepted art in Pencils and Inks:
Hinterkind 2nd issue doublespread by FrancescoTrifogli
druc the meat hulk by Danny-Cruz Jet Freefall by Dualmask UndeadLegion Pencils RogerMed full by rogermed Amelia 'Amy' Moran by MrAverage

The Character Design Folder is for pages containing multiple views of a character. Pages can also display multiple views of weapons, scenery or animals.

Examples of accepted art in Character Design:
Night Wolf Character Design - Black Claw by RAM-Horn
<da:thumb id="444025834"/> Character Concept / Murphy by BrotherBaston Night Wolf Character Design - Black Claw by RAM-Horn Night Wolf Character Design - Tartarus the Demon by RAM-Horn

Examples of accepted art in Environment Design:
(Zeroes) Anime Background Art by miitoons

(Zeroes) Anime Background Art by miitoons  Tall Trees by RalphHorsley  Amazing trees by Sedeptra   Day 698. Sidhe - Tree Concepts by Cryptid-Creations

The Process Folder is for pieces that contain a progression from pencils to inks or from pencils to colors. No "Draw It Again" Memes accepted by vote.

Examples of accepted art in Process:
Azure Process by Andantonius
Azure Process by Andantonius  Detective Scratch Cover - Process work! by mistermuck

Mature Content

UNDERTOW page process 2 by OXOTHUK
Moss Side pag 2 by MeloMonaco

The Info Folder is for just that - information about comic cons, book releases and contests. Not not submit infographics to the Featured folder but rather to this folder. One image per appearance or announcement please.

Examples of accepted art in Info:
Herald pre-order postcard! by mistermuck
FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2014 by Shono 14 Muertos cover photo 2 by juanpmassa Mariachi-Dachi on comiXology by TheGreyNinja

The Group Crit Folder is for artist looking for peer review of their work. Please see the rules for providing feedback located in this folder.

Submission Criteria:
A page or piece being Accepted or Declined comes with clear reasons. We would like to write a note with an explanation for each decision but that is not realistic. Being either Accepted or Declined is based on the following questions or guidelines.

Declined Art Examples:
* Is the piece at a low current skill level?
* Is the piece clearly a work-in-progress submitted to a finished work folder?
* Does the piece feature rough or unrefined panels or subjects?
* Is the page undefined or poorly designed?
* Are there very many anatomical or form issues in the piece?
* Are there many unintended perspective issues?
* Are there large amounts of purposeless empty space?
* Is this piece a personal message? (Happy Birthday, 5,000 views, Mars Needs Women)
* Is this piece a holiday message? (Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas)
* Is this piece graphic design and not figural/observational/imaginative illustration? (Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas)
* Is this piece clearly a Poser model or created directly from a stock photo?
* Is this piece hastily designed advertising?
* Is this piece a photograph or incorporates large amounts of photographic work?
* Is this piece an icon?
* Are large amounts of your title already included in this group?

Please remember that these decisions are made by our admins. The Moderator, Paul Schmitt/Gargantuan Media, is solely responsible for the final deciding vote. This is not the opinion of the entire comics world just a single group!

Also, an "Expired" entry is nearly the same thing as being denied due to the fact that we could not come to a clear consensus as whether or not to Accept an entry. Please do not re-submit an entry multiple times due to expiration(s).

The Moderator and Contributors decisions are final for this group only - there are hundreds of dA groups and dozens of publishers that may have other ideas. Please do not quit making art based on Indie Graphic Novels admin votes.
The new submission guidelines and FAQ's for Indie Graphic Novels a Deviant Art group for comic artists and illustrators.
© 2012 - 2021 Gargantuan-Media
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Since you've created Tiamab you can show her wherever that you chose to - as long as she is not accompanied by characters you have not created such as Godzilla. Our group is specifically for original work so I think that this is appropriate.
KaijuDuke's avatar
Fanart of any kind is a no go correct? Like an original fanmade character for an existing movie or comic verse etc is not okay? Just clarifying
Gargantuan-Media's avatar
Correct. We are focused on original work.
KaijuDuke's avatar
Okay, just clarifying because ya guys requested to add a commission pic of an OC of mine situated in the godzilla universe, so I dunno if that's acceptable or not. Figured I should check with you before I agreed to submit it to the group.
Gargantuan-Media's avatar
I see. But, in what Godzilla movie or comic did the Tiamab character appear? Please message me, wouldja?