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My graphic novel series, Abismos, is fully up-to-date in Tapastic. There are 3 chapters made, and more to come, so go there and subscribe to be notified when new stuff comes in:

Para os falantes de português, podem conferir no site oficial, que é mais legal que o Tapastic :D
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While I still use this platform to publish the finished pieces, I'm posting to my instagram account a lot more frequently the WIPs and sketches. If you are into this kind of stuff, follow me there ;)

I have also released chapter 2 of Abismos on Tapastic:

Chapter 3 is well underway, I managed to get into a good pace of drawing, changed my pipeline process a bit and it's hopefully going to come out much faster than the other 2. It should also be higher in quality, as I'm greatly improving my skills in this. Overall this has been very satisfying, every new page I draw I see improvements, this is the best fuel to keep moving. This next chapter will include some fragmented details on the world of Abismos through 2 different voices. I've also been noticing a lack of good environments so far and so I included many landscapes on this one. It was challenging at first, but I have improved quite a lot on it too. Follow my instagram for regular teasers!
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UPDATE: I forgot to share an update here, but the English version has been available for a while at Tapastic: (I also just launched chapter 2 in Portuguese, so that should be available there soon)

I finally finished and published chapter 1 of my comic! :happybounce:

Unfortunately for some, it's only available in Portuguese. But go check it out:

Abismos - chapter 1 by Gardon

I may consider translating it to English, if people ask me to ;)
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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    Around 10 years

  2. What does your username mean?
    Nothing really, a name I crafted for gaming and I stick to it...

  3. Describe yourself in three words.
    Artistic, dreamer, distracted

  4. Are you left or right handed?

  5. What was your first deviation?
    I don't know, my oldest one is this, but I'm pretty sure I deleted older ones...
    Earth Unleashed by Gardon

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
    Traditional, pencils and ink

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

  8. What was your first favourite?
    Alienscape by giles337
    I have no idea why, and don't really remember it.

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    Digital art, but I guess that's what most people are using now to draw.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
    I don't have one...

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
    No one in particular

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    Encouraging to keep practicing and improving.

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
    Paper, pencil and ink

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    Home, but can be anywhere

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    Can't recall now, probably some good comments I got on older deviations.


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I have been working deeper in Esperanza, mainly on it's concepts... In the meanwhile, some sketches and previews are popping. I plan to put all information about it on this blog (Portuguese and English). Please check it out and add to your favourites.. :)

Bye Bye! :heart:
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I'm still cleaning the list... I'll take some time though...

In the meanwhile, I just made me a Facebook profile. Please, if you have it, I'd like to keep contact with friends trough it. Just search for Franz Glauber Vanderlinde

Bye bye, seeya

:hugs: to all :heart:

EDIT: Got it, finshed cleaning the one yaer old deviantWatch list... :D
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I'll try to be... for real... In fact, I've been away from visual arts for some time (I was only into poetry). But I'm back to it... I shall even continue my comics, hopefully...

My :heart: to all!

Edit: I'm sorry, I won't have time to check everyone, so I had to remove lots of people from my watchlist (it had over 600 deviations)... I left just the friends there... I'll hardly add anyone at this time.. Unfortunately, some things have to change with time...

DevWatch list: 102 more to go (of 600+)
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I know I haven't updated this in a long time but....

It's my birthday!! I'm coming to version 2.0

:heart: to all

+ My blog (portuguese):
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EDIT: made a Blog: Ciudad del Pico (Português/English)

To all my beloved friends who read this journal and to others as well.

Please bear in mind I'm not attacking or insulting a country or people, and I do not have the intention to offend anyone.

The subject of this journal is about the US international policy. No, I'm not talking about the vietnan II war at Iraq. I'm talking about the international vision of this country, and as I think of freedom of mind, thought and spirit, all of which are clearly stated in The Book, I feel that I need to point these matters.

At December 1st, this movie was launched in US:…

It's a poor movie, aparently, but the real problem is that it builds a false image about a country. Yes, my country. It's an monstruous offense to my people. First, I'd  like to inform you, specially Americans, that Brazil is not a jungle-land. There are large and modern cities just like in every other country. The Amazon is geographically far away from the populational and economical centre of the country. The capital is NOT Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires (if you didn't know, that's in Argentina) or São Paulo. It's in Brasilia. But in São Paulo, southeast of the country, is where 40% of the population is located. It has several technology centers and great industries. The estate-owned Petrobras is one of the top ten oil industries in the world, just as Embraer, which produces some of the finests airplanes. São Paulo city has about 20 million inhabitants (or more).

End of pure Geography. My country is NOT a country where "anything goes". We have laws, we have justice, ann such a statement reveals a great ignorance about my country. And not a poor ignorance, but an arrogant one. I'll leave my political sympathy for a while an go straight to the point. Americans and other "rich-countries-foreigners", the so-called "Gringos", think about Brazil as vacation-paradise which jungles and beaches. They think of us as poor indians with no education or shoes or money, and they come to us like the first portuguese to trade our riches with their mirrors and stupid gifts. They think of us  as inferior people who need to be cared. They think of Brazil as a place where there is no sin, and all sexual desires which are supressed in their countries can be supplied with no guilt, and that we have enough prostitutes for everyone. They think of us as monkeys (not me, but the 40% of the population which is black) who has no relevant opinion. They come here, steal our riches, destroy our forests, dump in our beloved beaches, impose economical restrictions (specially US) so our cheap-and-quality products do not threat them, try to control us politically, supporting military take-overs, and then, after wall, they say to the world this is a dangerous place for them... They come here and DISOBEY the federal laws for air traffic, and CAUSE and accident which kills 142 people just because they think this is "a country where anything goes".

Here is the answer, remove what is covering your eyes, when you think your money and military power makes you the wise and all-powerfull nation which claims to be the truth-holder.…

And this is not about Brazil, only. Take a look on Cuba:

-estimated 82 billion of jeopardize in Cuba's economy due to the US embargo.
-15 resolutions for the end of the embargo by the UN (the last one approved by 183 votes against 4) ignored by US government.
-Several restrictions for Cuba to buy food and medications from any country, causing an havoc.

You can check for much more info about it. The last point I want to make is about how this country can declare itself a "Christian" country (note the quotes). This is not christianity. To make an economic war (as the Cuba's embargo is considered by the international community) and military war, of course, is not bringing any true justice to earth, and is not protecting the widows and orphans. It is not caring about the poor and the rejected. This is not christianity, I'm sorry.

I hope ou don't take it personally, because I love many people who are in US, but loving is not relevating bad issues.

About deviantArt, my devwatch is with 200+ again, I hope I can look at some stuff soon. I'm thinking about cleaning my list and leaving only the closest friends... I don't have much time)

:heart: to all, in Christ,

Franz Glauber Vanderlinde
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It's election day, the zenith of the democratic republic. I'm happy we have the best voting system of the world, which gives us 90% of the result in the same day, and also decreases the probability of fraud (completely eletronic, except for a single one that broke). Despite that, our democracy is very parcial, almost a piece of a sad comedy which plays every 2 years. I hope this begin to change, and I hope we are electing better politicians.

I have few time for DA, so my devwatch list have grown way too much, but I don't have the intention to delete anything. Sorry to my friends for this absence... Real life calls. Thanks for the support you've allways given to me, and don't forget to support the art group:


:heart: you all, have a nice week!!
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ArtVerve is a new online art magazine, featuring artists of all types, showcasing devious and cool art:

002 by Art-Verve 003 by Art-Verve Child Within by Art-Verve Witchful Desire by Art-Verve

Check it by clicking Art-Verve and be sure to leave some comments and wacthes!

So, I've changed the style of my comics, basically because I'm drawing better :D. Finally I finished the 6th page, and I hope you all like.

I'm also open for comissions, so if you know someone who'd like to have a portrait or caricature or anything else (traditional/digital), please let me know. Of course I can still do some works for friends (specially collabs).

Artverve is going to debut still this month, so stay tuned for that, my submission will finally show up:


Features... now it's their turn:

:iconmaiwen: - Great paintings and photography. Also a lovely person!

:iconalicesixx: - Awesome photography, I love the shots!

:icongondringsjo: - Also a wonderfull photographer from Indonesia (a pity he's been offline lately...)

:iconjobsfifthdaughter: - Again, great photography!
With a little more time for art, I've submitted the 5th page of my comic, I know, it is still small, but I love it. I'm already designing new charachters for it, and so..

I'm in an art magazine, where really cool artists will post their art on issues, mine included. The first issue will be released in August, so I'll be working on it on my July vacation. Please support it!! it's DA community page is:


And for the features: :heart:

:icondevine-truth: - great traditional art, in an original style!

:iconion-rei: - awesome digital art, really nice!

:iconashleigha: - Nice wicked and crazy (sometimes traditional) photography!

:iconloveandpeacepenguin: - Very nice poetry (my fav of her), sometimes complex!
At the eve of my birthday, which is today, something really sad happened on my country, thought it didn't directly affect me or my family. I'm happy about my birthday, but I should digress a little about this matter.

There is a criminal organization in Brazil called PCC , Primeiro Comando da Capital, First Capital Command, which is leaded by criminals from jails. The top leaders are held captive in many prisons over the state of São Paulo. Nevertheless they still rule their paramilitar organization by a lot of means, including corruption, cell phones...

In and effort to fight the PCC, the government took the decision to transfer the leaders to separate high-security prisons, where communication would be much more difficult.

Following this, the leaders of PCC organized a counter-attack, moving all their subordinates together in all cities. Since Friday, 115 PDs were directly attacked with all sorts of weapons, and 75 penitenciaries have been taken by them. So on 77 died among innocent. The criminals also attacked Fire units and Civil organizations, causing a terrorizing havoc.

The president offered the National Guard in aid, but the state Governor says he got it under control. Most probably because it's an elections year and their parties oppose.

When the top leader was asked to stop this, he replied: "I can enter any PD and kill cops, and you have the obligation of protecting me and attend to my requests." My father thinks this arrogant parasite will die soon, probably by the hands of an angry cop.

My vision is Christ's love for all sinners, without distinction, but I would like you to pray about this matter, because innocent and guilty people are dying, and at this moment, I also remember that there are many people dying in Sudan, Africa. We must pray so God lift people to announce the pure Gospel, the only solution to them.

God bless you all :heart:

So, as I allways like to do, I'll feature some people who deserves more attention than they get: :heart: for u!

:iconlillylockley: - An excelent poet, it's just amazing to read her poems, specially the portuguese (sorry for non-speakers) :D

:iconlostchemist: - Great friend of mine since highschool, and great photomanips!

:iconnadurspike: - Awesome professional photography!! Brazilian pride! :lol: Check this

:iconver-luisant: - Great drawings, promising artist..

So it doesn't fills too much, I'll put up some only, so this was the brazilian turn, enjoy...
So, as I allways like to do, I'll feature some people who deserves more attention than they get: :heart: for u!

:iconlillylockley: - An excelent poet, it's just amazing to read her poems, specially the portuguese (sorry for non-speakers) :D

:iconlostchemist: - Great friend of mine since highschool, and great photomanips!

:iconnadurspike: - Awesome professional photography!! Brazilian pride! :lol: Check this

:iconver-luisant: - Great drawings, promising artist..

So it doesn't fills too much, I'll put up some only, so this was the brazilian turn, enjoy...
Hi beloved people,

I finally got a break from college, the first moment of rest since the beginning of classes. So I uploaded two shots and I hope I will do more still on this weekend.

Good news, after a month and a half, my used-book finally arrived: Dynamic Anatomy from Brune Hogarth. It is a 75's print awesomely conserved. The book is really great, so I hope to study with it!

With time I will make a new list of friends who deserves more attention, so hold on...

OK, here are some updates..

The congress was amazing, with 900 students from around the country and from 17 other countries... The messages were high-level.. ^_^  and it was really good...

I'm about to finally restart classes (March 6th), and I don't really know if that's bad or good, because I can't remember it! :rofl::lmao:

About arts... I've scrapped more than the half of my gallery. Why?? Because it's much better to have a small quality portfolio than a big set of not-so-good artworks.. :) I'm leaving past behind... :D
I'm doing my comics and I'm happy with them, so please read them here:

:pointr: Page 1

I'm also developing some pen and ink skill, and the comic's cover will show some of colour on them (at last..). I'm still doing a digital BIG piece, but I'm very slow. Last but not least (not a very creative sentence.. ) I'm also studying more music, growing in piano and self-learning acoustic guitar...

Some nice people that deserves more attention: :heart:

PS: If you are not on the list, that's because I don't know you that well or you already have some attention.. :D
                      "Living hope in Jesus"

That's the theme of the mission congress which I'm going today, and it will be over next monday, so I'll be gone for a week, Happy New Year to everyone!!

"Faith that thinks, reason that believes"
Right now I can´t stop smiling, and just a few moments ago I was laughing so much I couldn't breathe, and my heart was so joyfull I didn't know how to put it out!!! why?? appearently for nothing... I just had a moment of repenting from things I've done and I started praying God for his help and then, I started to laugh, right know my cheeks are aching cause I can't stop, I'm almost crying, Jesus is sooooo good!!! I feel my heart fresh and new, and I'm so happy I can't contain it!! I don't want anything else in life, He is more than enough...

Ps: sorry if I bothered you with this journal, I just couldn't contain it!!
I've watched the movie a week ago, and I'm going again next week, I hope, but I've read all the books about 4 years ago, and I was surprised with the excellent adaptation of the movie. The most important points, which characterize the main foundations of christianity were completely preserved, and, in my opinion, even heightened!!

If you haven't read the books, be aware I will be telling something from one of them, so if you don't want, don't read here.

Well, since I was so touched by the movie, I decided to read again one of the books, "The Voyage of The Dawn Treader". I believe that's the name in english, tought I'm not sure... I read it yesterday, and got touched again, and one of the most interesting scenes of the book is when they come to an island and find three men asleep on a table full of the best food. They were obviously enchanted and so the others didn't touched the food, fearing it would make them sleep. But then comes a woman and tell them that's Aslan's table, and that they should eat from it. She told them the men were asleep but they had never touched the food. What happened was that they were arguing about their return, and one of them got a stone knife from the table to kill the others, and then they fell asleep. Well that was the knife used to kill Aslan...

What does that mean? The knife was used in the sacrifice of the traitors, or "sinners", before Aslan was sacrificed. After the stone table was broken, there was no sacrifice anymore, because Aslan had already paid the price, like our beloved Lord. So... when then man got the knife, he put himself in the position of a judge, a promoter, and an executer, forgetting that there were no more guilt, and because of that, they all fell asleep, apatic, indifferent, like many christians, and they didn't eat from Aslan's table, denying themselves a great blessing... We can learn a lot from that, be carefull before you condemn and throw a brother's sin on his face...

God bless you ALL!!!

PS: I don't have the camera anymore, but I still have a lot of shots to submit... :|

:heart:Friends:heart: :

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