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[COTB] Willowpaw NPC by gardenslug [COTB] Willowpaw NPC by gardenslug




Rank: Apprentice

Age: 8 moons


Pronouns: he/him

Sexuality: eh

Physical Description: A good sized tomcat with medium length grey-brown tabby fur. His paws and neck area are white.

Personality: Abrasive and rude, unpleasant to be around. Thought very highly of himself. He was very difficult to work with, and was a poor influence on others. 

History: When he lived in StoneClan, which was many, many moons ago, Willowpaw was always a temperamental cat who caused trouble. As a kit, he would attempt to sneak out of the nursery often and would encourage his littermates to do the same, and never listened to his mother. Sometimes, his restlessness in the caves would cause him to pick fights with other kits, and even with apprentices. He was too bold for his own good and considered himself to be above the word of his superiors.

Because of his bad behavior, Willowkit wasn't given his apprentice ceremony until he was 7 moons old, which infuriated him, but kept him subdued until he was finally promoted to apprenticeship. Willowpaw was given Nettlefang as a mentor. Nettlefang, one of the strictest warriors in StoneClan, was assigned to Willowpaw with explicit instructions to get him under control.

Nettlefang was so strict on Willowpaw that it was almost oppressive, which only caused Willowpaw to rebel harder. He spent much of his time cleaning dens and other mundane chores and loathed it.

One day, fed up, the stubborn and naive Willowpaw decided that he was going to "prove himself" by dancing as close to the most perilous cliff in StoneClan territory as he could. His intention was to show his mentor and his Clan that he was the strongest and the bravest, and that he wasn't fazed by their warnings. However, determined to ignore his Clanmates' wails for him to come back, he strayed far too close to the edge and lost his footing. Willowpaw plummeted and didn't survive the fall.

Although this happened many moons ago, Willowpaw's story may still be used by elders to scare kits into obeying the rules. Willowpaw's story is a cautionary tale against straying too close to the perilous cliffs.

Cause of Death:
 Fell to his death.


Mentor/Apprentice: Nettlefang (mentor)

Family: Unnamed parents & littermates

Friends: nonee

Enemies: He didn't get along with many cats

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