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[COTB] Blacknettle NPC by gardenslug [COTB] Blacknettle NPC by gardenslug

sorry for only shitting out starclan cats lately lel




Rank: Medicine cat

Age: 65 moons

Gender: Non binary

Pronouns: they/them

Sexuality: idk

Physical Description: Tall black cat with medium-length spiky fur and amber eyes.

Personality: Friendly and open, considerate of others (within reason). Enjoys socializing and being in the company of other cats. Has fundamental need to be involved in activities. They feel sad about their outward appearance being intimidating to some, so they try to compensate with gestures of kindness.

History: Blacknettle started their life as a warrior. They always looked up to the strong and capable warriors of RapidClan, and couldn't wait to join their ranks. However, always the social butterfly, it didn't take long for little Blackpaw to become good friends with the medicine cat at the time.

Although Blackpaw spent as much free time as possible in the medicine cat's den, they enthusiastically kept up with their warrior training at the same time, and didn't have any problems alternating between the two. Even when Blackpaw became Blacknettle and continued to grow, they did not even spare one thought that the old medicine cat might possibly be starting to see something in them.

The medicine cat of RapidClan had lived a very long life, and his health was beginning to decline. It wasn't until many moons of Blacknettle visiting him in the den until the medicine cat was able to really corner them with the question he intended to ask. He requested that Blacknettle take his place as medicine cat, as his time with the Clans was nearly up.

At first, Blacknettle was torn. They loved the life of a warrior, but it was true that the medicine cat had not taken on a real apprentice during his lifetime. There would be no one to replace him when he died. Blacknettle, on the other hand, had spent enough time in the medicine den during their upbringing to where they had a solid foundation of basic herbs and treatments. Although they were upset to leave their warrior duties, Blacknettle eventually agreed and began to spend every day learning the new trade. The medicine cat continued to teach Blacknettle up until he died.

While the other medicine cat had spent his entire life without an apprentice, it didn't take long at all for Blacknettle to take one on. In Blacknettle's mind, although they didn't hate being a medicine cat, they intended to pass all of their information along to a new cat as quickly as possible so that they could return to the warrior duties that they dearly missed. The new medicine cat apprentice, however, was a daydreamer who sometimes had trouble remembering information, and had little self confidence. Training took much longer than Blacknettle had anticipated. On two occasions, the new apprentice declined being promoted to her full medicine cat name, as she didn't feel she was ready. Blacknettle began to suspect that StarClan was punishing them for trying to slither away from the duties that their late friend had passed along to them.

After a few more moons of this, tensions along the TreeClan border were beginning to escalate, as did Blacknettle's restlessness. Instead of only sneaking out at night to hunt, Blacknettle began to leave their apprentice alone during the day in favor of hunting, or trying to join patrols under the facade of herb scouting.

Blacknettle's final stunt was to follow a patrol to the TreeClan patrol to battle over part of the stream. They were supposed to stay in camp, but instead they irresponsibly joined the battle and threw themself into the front lines. It just so happened that Blacknettle was the only one on the patrol who was mortally wounded from the battle, and succumbed to their injuries before they made it back to camp.

Cause of Death:
 Was dealt killing blow during battle.


Mentor/Apprentice: unnamed b

Family: Unnamed parents & littermates

Friends: Many

Enemies: that treeclan cat who killed them i guess

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