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CharactersAllInARow2 by Garden1988 CharactersAllInARow2 :icongarden1988:Garden1988 6 1 Cartoon by Garden1988 Cartoon :icongarden1988:Garden1988 1 0 Nidhogg Horns by Garden1988 Nidhogg Horns :icongarden1988:Garden1988 0 2
Good, Wise and Obvious Fears
Sometimes I fear that my temporal lobes are inverted. This is a good fear.
Sometimes I fear that an abominable slop trollop named Daphne will gouge out my colour noodles and replace them with a vintage cheddar.
A flaky, vintage cheddar. This is a wise fear.
Sometimes I fear that bread was invented by the human tongue in an attempt to negate the
flavours of as many foods as possible, seeking peace and grey stillness... weary of life. This is an obvious fear.
:icongarden1988:Garden1988 0 0
A Disarray
{<<“It would do no one any good to dwell on such things as he well knew. Still, still he was rather insistent on informing her, unduly, of that brief moment. The moment he had rewoven in his own mind, his own telling, a mere thousand or so times since its fleeting time had passed.
‘I almost lived once…’ He told her. ‘Almost.’
The melodrama in his wording and intent were each more than slight, and more than a touch infuriating! He was quite aware of this, but he was all awash in his self-pity and less than concerned for any opinion that dare intrude upon his tale of moments lost, lives unlived.”}
The stoic visage seemingly staring back gave no hint of retort nor even understanding.
{<<“He liked to incite, or indeed excite, pity in people he met.”}
The form unflinchingly, yet all the more emphatically, radiated disinterested.
{<<“I know you didn’t ask to hear any of this
:icongarden1988:Garden1988 0 0
Ishtar Version2 by Garden1988 Ishtar Version2 :icongarden1988:Garden1988 1 1 Ishtar WIP by Garden1988 Ishtar WIP :icongarden1988:Garden1988 0 1
The Doors of Perception So Often Swing Shut!
Would it be such a terrible thing for us for that door to swing open, and leave it open? Not merely ajar.
I'd think in a sufficiently safe world you could probably live in a pseudo-dream state, where everything was more concept than reality, somewhat like a mild persistent psychedelia or psychosis.
Which is effectively what we live here and now, the reasonable concentrations of active molecules in the sober mind filter more than a mind that has had certain doors opened or closed in slight by an unexpected neurotransmitter or a brain defect (in the less fortunate), but the brain doesn't change the information as it takes it in, the information is the same. The obscurity remains, between sober and psychedelic, between balanced and psychotic.
But the conscious mind is useless without memory and the brain has a memory limit. Making psychedelic states feel transient, even thin as though a veil has been lifted or lain over for a time, only to be shifted again soon after. As there are typical
:icongarden1988:Garden1988 0 0
Terrestrial Influences
It always seemed to me more plausible that the old world use of astrology, in divining certain aspects of personalities and health matters, would be more indebted to the stars denoting seasons and the foods available at those times, as well as the potential for seasonal weathers to effect physiology in parents and their young as attested to by things now known, such as 'seasonal affective disorder.'
These profound seasonal changes and influences would be more than sufficient to make the relative positions of the stars at those times appear to be the bearers of these strange tidings. Obfuscating the fact that the sources of the effects are predominantly terrestrial.
:icongarden1988:Garden1988 0 0
In the Pale
As the radiant sun sinks beneath the occluding earth
Softly the dark glides over the land
Filling the voids between shadows, whence light had kept them longingly apart.
Gently the dark spreads from its confines, where held and chased, shifting across the landscape
One step at a time; from intrusion of morning till dawn of night.
Silently cultivating the wandering expanse the day once held captive in its rays.
The night demands no such control nor attentions, free from the ego of the light.
I know the oppression of our resident star now… Its demands radiate ever into my sight.
And so I walk beneath pale moon, enthralled in the pallid beauty of its visage
A silent, gentle, selfless mirror…
I bathe in all it does not say, and stroll with the creatures of the night.
:icongarden1988:Garden1988 1 0
Let Silence Sit.
Silence, still attempting to avoid being heard, echos out... ringing, shattered... broken!
In whispered melancholy turn of phrase, it withers, wilting, weathered... spoken...
:icongarden1988:Garden1988 1 1
New WIP by Garden1988 New WIP :icongarden1988:Garden1988 3 1
Carelessness on a Whole Gone Road.
Twiddly pimbled, fro to glavel,
Hithering limbedly... still, bumbly enfoggled, he nay neary knowed.
Ferlumpting and gambishing the whole gone road,
Promptly embaddled...
Crimpetly baddled...
Woe fro Twiddly, crimpled and baddled...
:icongarden1988:Garden1988 2 4
Spiral Currents by Garden1988 Spiral Currents :icongarden1988:Garden1988 1 9 Eyebrow Judges You! by Garden1988 Eyebrow Judges You! :icongarden1988:Garden1988 2 5 G.H.C (Geo-Helial Canopy) by Garden1988 G.H.C (Geo-Helial Canopy) :icongarden1988:Garden1988 1 0


Crystal ball by PendragonMagicFairy Crystal ball :iconpendragonmagicfairy:PendragonMagicFairy 4 14 The Morning  Evening Star by ShadowArt666
Mature content
The Morning Evening Star :iconshadowart666:ShadowArt666 2 0
Why Not by rodeoqt97 Why Not :iconrodeoqt97:rodeoqt97 8 9 Rotorcraft Biomech - Yazu by Hydrothrax Rotorcraft Biomech - Yazu :iconhydrothrax:Hydrothrax 445 10 LANCER by Hydrothrax LANCER :iconhydrothrax:Hydrothrax 464 22 Flier sketchdump by Hydrothrax Flier sketchdump :iconhydrothrax:Hydrothrax 250 10 Genderbend mikasa by zanfisazul Genderbend mikasa :iconzanfisazul:zanfisazul 4 0 Bell by MattBarley Bell :iconmattbarley:MattBarley 1,010 18 Wisteria by Kanekiru Wisteria :iconkanekiru:Kanekiru 4,820 58 SCOUT ZB132-A2 All Weather Armored Landmate. by duster132 SCOUT ZB132-A2 All Weather Armored Landmate. :iconduster132:duster132 486 28 Bipod. by duster132 Bipod. :iconduster132:duster132 683 16 Seer mini version for Film by dchan Seer mini version for Film :icondchan:dchan 37 0 SMITE BobRoss Sylvanus by Scebiqu SMITE BobRoss Sylvanus :iconscebiqu:Scebiqu 1,541 94 Inari Okami by hypnothalamus Inari Okami :iconhypnothalamus:hypnothalamus 558 7 Torii by hypnothalamus Torii :iconhypnothalamus:hypnothalamus 461 12 Tifa Lockhart: Evanescense by Toshimay Tifa Lockhart: Evanescense :icontoshimay:Toshimay 1,395 166
We are but threads of fate,
Straggling strings of the great loom,
Forever weaving the fabric of time,
Spun of a... bizarre... ethereal twine.

We say life; "Unique!
Special is this heart of mine!"
"All one and the same"... say the ties that bind.

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