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I've just released a new web app: Mispell that you can find on Blushing Defeat. The app uses natural language processing to transform text into something that seems more like what a bimbo might have written, or for that matter, what a bimbo might see if they read something. This is something I've been playing around with for a while after getting the inspiration from MimiDumb's  Bimbo at computer, bimbofication guideMaybe you are in the bimbofication process yourself. Maybe you are preparing the computer for your bimbo.
There is too much information on the screen now. Please press ctrl and + for a correction. (Target: Avoid confusion, Slow down the mind, Slow down any activity at computer)
You are using the default web browser, right? Like Edge in Windows. Bimbos can not install other applications. (Target: No tech/smart skills)
Make everything else bigger so it is easier to find and there is not too much in the same time. Increase the size of Icons/Buttons/Text everywhere. [Windows 10: Right click desktop and Display settings]
Put shortcuts on desktop which are easy to understand. MicroSoft Edge - rename it to Edge or Facebook... It should be clear which activity follows. (Target: Reduce thinking time)
No Google, no searching, only bookmarks. (Target: Avoid finding confusing content. Avoid learning something new which is useless for bimbo. There is not enough space in bimbo's brain.)
Choose websi
 and I've found it to be quite fun. For anyone who is interested, feel free to check it out or read my Mispell blogpost. Have fun!


I've just released a sorta uh, new web app: Mispell dat u can, like, fid on Blushing Defeat. Dee app useags totally sorta naturua laguag processing, like, to transform text into someding taht sims mro like what a bimbo might have written, or for dat mater, what a bimbo might, like, si if they read, like, someding. Dis is someding I've been playing, like, arund wih for a hwil after geting the inspiration fom MimiDumb's "Bimbo at comptuer, bimbofication guide" anb I've foud, like, it to be, like, quite absolutely uh, fun. For anyone who's interte, fil literaly fri to check, like, it out or read my Mispell blogpost. Have, like, kinda uh, fun!
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I put my school essays in here and it’s hysterical!
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Oof, it's tripping some of my triggers... :blush:

 Typing gets real hard when I mess around with this long enough. Like my brain wants to autocorrect to bimbo-speak. ^^;
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Glad you like it ^^
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Mwah! :kiss:

It's a masterpiece!!
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Oh, lol, I already commented ^^;

Sorry about that. :D
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I've been waiting so long for something good like this...!
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Ha, I sort of needed something like this, actually!
...Is it weird that the first thing I tested out in it was Princess Bride quotes? Also, glad to see you're still alive and kicking!
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This is pretty cool c:
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Ayy, pretty cool! Definitely will check it out.
It's kind of weird, but when I'm trying to imitate that sort of thing myself, I actually need to spend quite a bit of time on thinking how it would look like. It's interesting that in order for something to sound dumb you have to actually put more thought into writing it.
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Yea! It can really take some time to make it sound dumb in the right way. I hope that Mispell can do well enough for alot of text, or atleast give a good baseline, especially if given some further tweaking. At some point I'm looking to add support for markup so that different parts of text can be automatically converted to different levels of bimbofication. I think that could be neat for some use cases.
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Yeah it certainly needs a bit of tweaking but it's a nice start of something interesting.
For now I think it gives best results for IQ 100. After that it begins to heavily overflow with 'sorta' and 'kinda'. I get that it's supposed to give that dumbness impression but it gets waaaaaay too complicated to feel like something anyone dumb could say if you get what I mean.
I think you should give it more quality over quantity and try to focus on having more stupid word formations and mistakes in the rotation, but not as much of them getting actually stuffed into the text.
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That's good feedback. Thanks!
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