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I've added a new web app to Blushing Defeat: The Bimbofication Booth (NSFW). It allows you to view character sequences on any device. Hopefully without too many bugs!

There are 8 characters available, 7 from BHP and older work I've published here on DA, but one entirely new character, William, who is undergoing some TG TF and heavy intelligence loss.

Feel free to check it out on the link above, or read the accompanying blog post.

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what program was the game made in

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Glad to see you're still working on stuff!~ 
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Pretty cool little thing. Reminds me of that character viewer thing you also had on your website.
Can't say there's a lot new things to see, as I know all these characters already (apart from William and remastered Raygan). But I really like the addition of that "occupation" status. Sheds a little more light on the transformations.
I've encountered no bugs so far.

Hoping to see the rest of the cast in this too ;) Keep up the good work!