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Office Week - A Pixelart Bimbofication Game



Disclaimer: This game contains a collection of sexual elements often classified as "bimbo transformation" or "breast expansion". If you're not into that, I advice you to not play this game.

Inspired by quite a few comic sequences and other artwork here on DA as well as some of the stories of the talented people over at The Overflowing Bra I felt like there was a need for a little bit more interactive bimbofication and breast expansion experience and decided to create this game. The transformation sequence is mostly the same as my recently uploaded animation, but I have changed the early stages quite significantly.

The game is quite simple. You take control of Katherine, an employee of Bimnocorp, your average shady mega corporation where no one seems to know what they are actually making money of off. The rules are quite simple and are heavily inspired by common bimbo transformation principles: The lower the IQ, the bigger the boobs, and the better you look. Having sex makes you dumber. The smarter you are, the more money you earn from working. The uglier you are, the higher are your expenditures when having sex. Working requires some skill but is quite dull, so it will make you smarter if your IQ is low enough, but dumber if it is high enough.

On the Income row you can see your salary, study costs and necessary sexual expenditures. This is how much you will earn or lose when you click any of the buttons below. The buttons each let you work, study or have sex and can be pressed with the mouse or using the A, S, D keys on your keyboard. Your resources, that is your total money and your current IQ, is displayed on the Resources row.

Last but not least is the name, title and photographic displays. The photographic display shows Katherine's current look. The name display shows what Katherine her colleagues call her. The title bar displays Katherine's current official (or slightly unofficial) title or current position in the company.

So that should be everything you have to know! This is the first game I've ever created in flash and there is still room for improvement, so let me now what you think! If you have suggestions for titles/work positions or their order, in terms of IQ, feel free to let me know in the comments! Same really goes for the "difficulty" balance, i.e. how much things cost versus how much you earn etc. One thing I have a little difficulty judging is how much money a certain amount of dollar is, so perhaps the balance is fine but both costs and income would need to be a certain percent higher than it is right now to feel realistic. Oh, and also the name of the game. Office Week was the best I could come up with, but if you have an amazing idea, feel free to post it!

Depending on the feedback it's possible that I will update this in the future. Both according to feedback but also possibly with more content or features. For example I would kinda want the photo-background to change depending on IQ and/or total money. I would sort of also want to add something else that money can be spent on, to make it a bit less purely interactive experience, and more a game. No idea what that would be though! Yet another thing I've been thinking would be nice is to add some kind of backstory. This is basically an interactive story, after all.

For any major updates or update milestones I will of course notify watchers :)

Happy playing!

Edit: The second, significantly updated version is available here:…
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