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Ditzy Dice



Ditzy Dice is now available on Blushing Defeat. As usual, this is an NSFW erotic transformation game. You are tasked with rolling dice and picking cards to gain powerful rewards, but beware, some of the cards may transform you instead. Although perhaps that is what you really want? The current gamemode is quite simple, so I would recommend playing the game as you would a choose-your-own-adventure, by carefully reading the cards and considering your options.

The game is quite short, as most of my time has been spent adding content, as in card illustrations and card descriptions. Even so, not all cards have unique art, primarily because there are currently 77 cards, some of which have multiple levels, for a total of over 200 different cards. Many of the illustrations are done by me, but I have also managed to get permission to use illustrations by some of my favourite artists. Many thanks therefore to :iconcrazycowproductions:, :iconblackshirtboy: and :iconbradtanker3:, among others.

I also want to thank some of the people whose work inspired me to create Ditzy Dice. First and foremost :iconxsentisus: for their Bimbo Dice caption series, :iconmythicalcreaturebone: for their Eliminated choose-your-own-adventure and finally :icongrapplerofbooty: for their Transoria sheets and MTG card series.

I can very much recommend everyone to check out the work of these people if you haven't already! You can find the full list of credits in the Ditzy Dice credits section.

Many thanks also to everyone who support Blushing Defeat on Patreon to help make this and future updates and improvements possible!

I have a few ideas I might want to add in the future, and if you do too, or have other feedback, let me know!

Have fun!
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I love the game and I hope you keep updating it. If you need some more art I can give you some. Also I don't know if this is a good suggestion but what about having a final outcome image like something that is base on all the cards you pick and show the girl you became?