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Bimbo Holdem Poker

After a bit more than 3 months since my last release and maybe 200 hours of work, here it finally is: Bimbo Holdem Poker! As per usual, this game falls under the category of bimbofication type games, so if you don't know what that is or don't like it, this game is probably not for you! In any other case, I hope everyone will enjoy it!

I usually list instructions here but this game actually got a proper "How to Play" section! So if you want to learn a bit of how things work, check that page out from the main menu! However, there are no instructions for how to play Texas Holdem Poker itself (which is the core gameplay here) so if you don't know roughly how that works, my best recommendation is that you google and find out :)

If you think that games are running too long, use the setting sliders in the game setup screen! They allow you to change how big the initial blind is, and how often it is raised. This will cause matches to come to an end more quickly!

If by some unfortunate event, your saves go missing, or perhaps you just want to cheat, there is a cheatmode in-game. To use cheatmode, go into a game, write "cheatmode" and you can now press Q/A and W/S to give/take IQ/Money from the targeted character. 

Full list of credits, including all resources, software and tools used for creating the game is available from the main menu. Of course I want to especially thank the Deviant Artists who have helped me out in various ways with this project:

Araten for creating the character "Fuyumi" and writing character specific material,
:iconswedishcheetah: for creating the characters "Nathan" and "Barry",
:iconuseful89: for creating the character "Miller",
:iconsimplekisekaeguy: for creating the character "Rosa",
:iconmythicalcreaturebone: for creating the characters "Sebastian", "Maxwell", "Dionysus" and "Anthony",
:iconmistress-gonzy: for adding her character "Gonzy",
:icontfgame: for creating the character "Elena",
:iconzeitgeist1234: and :iconchickenchaos: for writing character specific material,
:icongoldwyn11:, :icongrapplerofbooty: and :iconmaster-tf: for testing, feedback and ideas,
:iconcyclonesamurai: for creating his Bimbo Poker kisekae series about a year ago that was part of what inspired me to create this game,

and last but not least, everyone who have commented and left invaluable feedback!

Bugs and Balance
There are bugs in this game. You are free to report any you find but I'm likely not going to fix them, especially not in the DA version.

Finality... and Blushing Defeat
It's been a long ride, but two years after release, version 1.2 will be the final version of Bimbo Holdem Poker here on DA. Flash doesn't handle complexity well enough for it to be worth continuing development and because of a DA file size limit of 30MB for this type of content, the DA version of 1.2 has not even had any characters added to it: the game is already so big it's been impossible for me to fit them in.

But fear not! To rectify atleast the DA issues, I'm announcing Blushing Defeat! The site contains the same type of content I usually upload here, should be considered NSFW and it is where I will primarily be uploading things from now on. The site is quite new so it's possible that I will have to move things around unexpectedly, but if you like what I do (and if you want to check out the 6 new characters in 1.2!) you should go there!
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pencilistsayorist's avatar

R.I.P flash games :'(

Gardamuse's avatar

Yea :/ Although I have to be relieved that flash is finally gone as well.

For being able to play flash games on Blushing Defeat, I'm keeping my eye on the flash player emulator Ruffle-rs, but they are a long way away from supporting Action Script 3, which is the version my flash games are written in.

anyone else having problems with cheat mode not working?

Turtlejohnson's avatar
Rosa and Stephanie are probably the cutest characters in the game.
i lost in the dumbest way possible.
i got everyone else to losing IQ but for some reason they counted as still in the game so they all kept fondling me and i kept cumming until they brought me down to losing IQ.
could be an actual story, a bunch of bimbos having sex with the nearest person, which happens to be the person who won, until the person cums enough to become one of them.
i like how the characters get so smart they break the fourth wall.
i love how part of bartholomau's collection just says stuff
Biganimegirlbelly's avatar
i cant play the game on your website due to the desuqt thing their block me from having acess to it (im useing a tablet)
nightwerewolf16's avatar
So something seems iffy when it decides who wins the hand (or i just suck at poker). But had two jacks (heart/diamond), two 10's (heart/diamond), and a 3(club) on the board. I had a 6(diamond) and 3(diamond) in my hand and the one opponent left had 8(club) and 4(club) in there's. They one with a two pair and I'm guessing 8 high. But shouldn't I have won with 3 pair?
Gardamuse's avatar
There is one thing you missed: a poker hand is always 5 cards! In Texas Hold'em you construct the best 5-card hand you can out of the (up to) 7 available cards. You both used the same two pairs, then each of you had one card left to use in your hand, so high card decided the win.
nightwerewolf16's avatar
So because it's 5 cards it's not possible to get 3 pairs then? I guess that makes sense
how does the cheat mode work?  I suck a poker and rather not suffer defeat after defeat.  I toggle it on but I don't know what to do.  I never win even if it's I missing something?
Gardamuse's avatar
From the description: "To use cheatmode, go into a game, write "cheatmode" and you can now press Q/A and W/S to give/take IQ/Money from the targeted character."

This is also written on the How to Play page in the game's main menu :)
Ah I did not know this, now to learn how I missed this.  Thank you Gardamuse.
Virikien's avatar
I wish I knew how to play texas holdem.
thriller54321's avatar
Hey there, it's me again! :D
I've made some progress in the game I'm making!
Here's the sprites for the characters you said I could use:

Mature Content

Mistress's Arena B.H.P. Partner Sprites Animation by thriller54321

I hope you like them! :)

EDIT: Here's the faces for the text boxes too:

Mature Content

Mistress's Arena B.H.P. Partner Faces by thriller54321
Gardamuse's avatar

I must have missed this comment for such a long time. Those sprites look absolutely brilliant! What game did you use them for?

thriller54321's avatar

Mistress Madness! They appear as mini-bosses in it :3

gokwing1o1GP's avatar
how did you make the characters? 
thriller54321's avatar
They used Kisekea 2 to make the images, that much I know!
A First Lieutenant outranks a Second Lieutenant, so Jon's progression is off. Also, I notice he flips back and forth between being a commissioned and being a non-commissioned officer.
thememefather's avatar
I enjoyed this game a whole  lot .i liked most of the character and there bimbo forms . A pretty enjoyable game .my only major gripe is after a while of playing .i dunno how to say it get a little bland .not because of gameplay .mainly because probably after a few turn you probably did all the character.maybe you could may a sorta 2.0 version of it with new character and maybe add some old ones with different bimbo isn’t a complaint far from it but just something I thought of 
unit1138's avatar
This game is liek, way confusing. it'd be good if there was a little status thing that said what the players did each round lol
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