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Bimbo Blackjack 1.1

Instructions - Blackjack
Goal: get as close to but not over 21 in hand value.

Call: Take another card.
Stop: Do not take any more cards and let the dealer have her turn.
Double: both players double their stakes, you take one more card and then let the dealer have her turn.

Note: In this version you cannot split your hand, a move commonly available in Blackjack.

Hand value: Normal cards have the value written on them. Aces are worth 1 or 11, depending on what gives you the best score. Face cards counts as 10. The sum of your hand is displayed on screen beneath your cards.

Betting and winning: Every round both player and dealer bets 5 IQ (or 10, if player say "Double"). The winner of each round takes the pot, or if it is a draw, the pot is divided equally. The first person to drop to an IQ of 40 has lost, and has also completed their bimbo transformation. The other person has then won, and has also become incredibly intelligent.

Misc: When Jessica's IQ is high enough she counts cards and calculates probabilities, making her more likely to get a good hand. There is also a cheat toggle box, this rigs the table to give Jessica impossibly good hands as long as it is checked.

Strip poker has always been an interesting thing, but what if the stakes were raised to the bimbofication level? A while ago CycloneSamurai also published several Bimbo Poker and Bimbo Texas holdem sequences that explored this question and I really enjoyed those! My plan is now to bring that experience to an interactive level. To have a better chance at making that a quality game I decided to first have some practice by creating a Blackjack game. That game is now in a state I call complete and thus, here it is!

There are a few things I'm not really satisfied with here, the first being the lack of the "split" move. I was going to add it, but it proved too complicated to add in a quick and easy fashion. Furthermore the dealer was supposed to have a background image just as the player, but I forgot to generate those frames using a transparent background in Kisekae 2, so I decided to just let that slide. I did not fix these things because it would not be very fun and it would take alot of time - time I much rather spend creating the Texas Holdem I'm actually aiming for. Most bugs *should* have been squashed though and there is hopefully no memory leak or other huge performance issue.

I will still take suggestions for improving this game, especially if they are fun and/or can be done quickly. I'd especially listen to anything regarding the betting system. The current one is simple and works fine, but it isn't very fun, and I'm not very fond of using IQ directly for this stuff, atleast without any explanation of how it is possible to bet IQ. I will also be happy to take suggestions regarding the upcoming Texas Holdem game, whether concerns betting, how and when transformations should happen, or if you think of anything else that you would like to see in such a game. I will of course not be able to do everything, but having a pool of ideas is always a great help!

For now, have fun with this! :D (Big Grin) 

Kisekae 2 - For generating character images
Imagemagick - For generating spritesheets
FlashDevelop - My Actionscript 3 IDE of choice

Update 1.1
  • Made window slightly smaller.
  • Doubled bet value for less grind.
  • Fixed a bug where buttons could be pressed a short time after pressing "Stop".
  • If the Jessica is smart enough, she starts counting cards and calculating probabilities, making her more likely to get better cards.
  • Added a cheat toggle. While checked, the table will be rigged in Jessica's favour, giving her impossibly good cards all the time.
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Is it okay to ask for the Flash file so i can play it within an emulator?