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I make interactive art, mostly about bimbofication, which I publish on my site, Blushing Defeat.

I joined DeviantArt back in 2009, mostly just to keep favourites but as I got more involved I wanted to make some stuff myself. Taking inspiration from what other artists did at the time I didn't really find my niche at first. Not until I decided to start writing small games and interactives in Flash. That went fairly well and I am quite fond of those projects.

Unfortunately Flash was not a very good platform and many tried to kill it before it was finally disabled for online use in 2020. Also, because DA isn't really intended for games anyway, I decided to build my own site and publish there, which is what I've been doing since 2018. Of course I remain on DeviantArt too, because I've found few places with such a positive community of like-minded people.

Feel free to check out my apps, games and other interactives at Blushing Defeat, but beware that just like my work here on DA, Blushing Defeat is NSFW.

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Happy late New Years~
The same to you!
Hey there! How are things going? I couldn't find any recent activity from you for a while. I don't mean to be pushy or anything. I was just wondering if everything's alright.
Hey, yeah, I've been hearing that recently, and I am quite alright! I've had things planned but there are quite a few bits I need to do before I can comfortably publish stuff. After flash I'm quite picky about how I should make things, likely to a fault, but I keep working and when I have something done, you will see it :)

Thanks for the concern!
will you put out some sort of update like a journal entry on here whenever you post on your website? considering your followers likely go on deviantart fairly regularly, it would be a good way to make sure they know when you post on your website.