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I make interactive art, mostly about bimbofication, which I publish on my site, Blushing Defeat.

I first joined DeviantArt back in 2009, mostly just to keep favorites but as I got more involved I wanted to make some stuff myself. Taking inspiration from what other artists did at the time I didn't really find my niche at first. Not until I decided to start writing small games and interactives in Flash. That went fairly well and I am quite fond of those projects.

Unfortunately Flash was not a very good platform and many actors have tried killing it for a decade. Also, because DA isn't really intended for games anyway, I decided to build my own site and publish there, which is what I've been doing since. Of course I remain on DeviantArt too, because I've found few places with such a positive community of like-minded people.

Feel free to check out my apps, games and other interactives at Blushing Defeat, but beware that just like my work here on DA, Blushing Defeat is NSFW.

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I have updated Blushing Defeat with a new tool that I think some of you might be interested in. The Auto Collagery allows you to select any images from your local machine, adjust some sliders and view an animated collage of those images. It is a bit like a slideshow, but you can control how many images you are seeing at any one time. Try out the Auto Collagery, or read the blog post. (Links are NSFW, although the Auto Collagery is what you make of it.)
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I've added a new web app to Blushing Defeat: The Bimbofication Booth (NSFW). It allows you to view character sequences on any device. Hopefully without too many bugs! There are 8 characters available, 7 from BHP and older work I've published here on DA, but one entirely new character, William, who is undergoing some TG TF and heavy intelligence loss. Feel free to check it out on the link above, or read the accompanying blog post. :)
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I've just released a new web app: Mispell that you can find on Blushing Defeat. The app uses natural language processing to transform text into something that seems more like what a bimbo might have written, or for that matter, what a bimbo might see if they read something. This is something I've been playing around with for a while after getting the inspiration from MimiDumb ('s  and I've found it to be quite fun. For anyone who is interested, feel free to check it out or read my Mispell blogpost. Have fun! Demonstration:I've just released a sorta uh, new web app: Mispell dat u can, like, fid on Blushing Defeat. Dee app useags totally sorta
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Happy late New Years~
The same to you!
Hey there! How are things going? I couldn't find any recent activity from you for a while. I don't mean to be pushy or anything. I was just wondering if everything's alright.
Hey, yeah, I've been hearing that recently, and I am quite alright! I've had things planned but there are quite a few bits I need to do before I can comfortably publish stuff. After flash I'm quite picky about how I should make things, likely to a fault, but I keep working and when I have something done, you will see it :)

Thanks for the concern!
will you put out some sort of update like a journal entry on here whenever you post on your website? considering your followers likely go on deviantart fairly regularly, it would be a good way to make sure they know when you post on your website.