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Pyramid Construction logo

Logo and wordmark combination for a contractor/constructor who restores homes, and designs interior and exteriors.
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Amazing piece. The way you incorporated the P and the C into the pyramid is great. Interestingly enough, at the top you have another little pyramid, which could also be made with smaller P's and C's, with its own top made by smaller ones ad infinitum . The straight lines that form the leters remind me a bit of a labyrinth, giving it this mystical quality to it. Of course, the egyptians were fond of organizins their sentences (to the point that they'd ommit a letter or two just for the sake of aesthetics), so it's also reminiscent, too.
The brown colour on the pyramid symbol accentuates the stability and mystique, sort of an earthy colour, the kind of sandstone has when it's illuminated by torchlight. It's alluring but stable and strong (excellent traits for a restorer business). The black background adds to the mystery, as well as making it look so formal. With the white letters you get this excellent combination that (to me) carries the charm and allure of a 1920's nightclub. Actually, the letters remind me of the font used by Armani, so you get the same business-oriented luxury of a sleek Armani suit.
Logos are there to catch one's attention, and you really caught mine. Excellent piece, I have no doubt that Pyramid Construction liked it.
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Thanks! I initially had the logo on a white background, and the type was black. But by adding the logo and wordmark to a black background did definitely make it stand out more, and added some class to it also.