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a simple dark wallpaper with elementary OS logo
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so no luck making that second one into wallpaper then?... bummer
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You know what? The zoom-in on the right looks even better than original wallpaper, higher contrast and composition... Any chances for it being made into a wallpaper on its own?

And when I use this on 1280x1024 monitor (zoomed in), it looks pixelated.


Also, you deleted the other wall (the one from G+) before I edited my comment, so here it is:

    "IMHO the lines add unnecessary clutter. Take the base background from zip, add some color transitions to make it more interesting and it'll be better.

    Also the preview was misleading, it made people think it's the final thing. It'd be better if you enlarged the monitor with base wallpaper and put it on a white or any other neutral background."
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Thanks for commenting and the criticisms. 
Yes, I can make new one from the right small preview. That's a good idea. And I will export as JPG, I hope that will be better on 1280x1024 monitor.


Yes, I deleted it. That's better, I guess. I don't think I will use it again, maybe except background. 
Well, I guess I need to check out some more preview images and see how do people make preview of their wallpapers. 
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