DWOAH: Mitsurugi vs Musashi Miyamoto

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Deadliest warriors of all history

Misturugi vs Musashi Miyamoto

I will be the first true master of the Sword

Heishiro Mitsurugi info:

Height: 5 foot 8

Weight: 163lbs

Weapon: Muichimonji Katana

Strengths: Is one of the most famous characters of Soul Calibur to the point that he could be considered the ‘face’ of the franchise alongside Siegfried and Nightmare, Superhuman strength (Can clash Weapons with the likes of Nightmare, Siegfried, Rock and even Algol comfortably, Can cut through stone and even steel with ease), Superhuman durability (Can tank hits from the rest of the Soul Calibur roster, Shrugs off getting shot), Hypersonic speeds (Can keep up with and outspeed most of the Soul Calibur roster, Can dodge Rifle shots with ease), Has defeated the likes of Teppou Hei, Miser, Greed and Setsuka and held his own against Algol, Is a master of Swordsmanship and is constantly searching for new ways to further master the Blade.

Weaknesses: Is overconfidence in his abilities can backfire on him.

Musashi Miyamoto info:

Height: 5 foot 9

Weight: 157lbs

Weapons: Skill & Finesse Katanas

Strengths: Is considered the greatest Swordsman to ever live in both reality and the Samurai Warriors universe, Superhuman strength (Can cut through entire armies like they were nothing), Superhuman endurance (Can tank Sword strikes, Arrows and even Cannon fire without much damage, Can take blows from the likes of Nobunaga Oda and Tadaketsu Honda and survive), Extreme stamina (Can run and fight for up to 90 minutes without tiring), Is a master Swordsman having created and perfected the Dual Sword fighting style, Defeated Kojiro Sasaki and made a rival/regular sparring partner out of him, Is skilled at psychological warfare (Regularly taunts and belittles opponents to try to make them angry and make mistakes, Routinely arrived at arranged fights late and unkempt to make his opponents underestimate him), Gains a significant power and speed boost via Musou Mode.

Weaknesses: Is fairly slow for a Samurai, Whilst considered a genius when it comes to combat his intelligence is lacklustre in other matters, His Musou Mode has a very limited time of use.

Battle begin!

Mitsurugi sighed impatiently as he waited in the clearing, the Samurai glancing up at the sun judging the time to now be midday meaning he had been waiting well over an hour passed the arranged time he had been requested to be there. When he had been challenged by the great Musashi Miyamoto to see who was truly the master of the Sword he had expected him to at least arrive on time making him, the Samurai pondering if something had come up or if he had even backed out of his own challenge.

Just as he was about to call it quits and simply move on Mitsurugi noticed a figure approaching, the man looking unkempt as if he had actually slept in the field they were scheduled to fight on with two Katana’s hanging lazily from his hip.

“This guy is Miyamoto? He looks like a damn hobo” Mitsurugi pondered to himself as he straightened up and cleared his throat to at least look a little professional “you Musashi then? I’ve been waiting for over a damn hour here!”.

“Yeah I’m Musashi, forgive me, I slept in” the other Samurai yawned back as he lazily drew his Weapons.

Watching with a raised eyebrow as Musashi then cleared his throat and rolled his shoulders Mitsurugi couldn’t help but smirk “damn this is going to be easy, ok ready when you…” he then told his opponent only to flinch as Musashi suddenly rushed him catching him completely off guard, only just managing to use his single Katana to block Musashi’s Dual Swords “what the hell? A trick?” he gasped looking down to see a knowing smirk on Musashi’s face “that devious bastard”.

Breaking one of his Swords away to keep the Weapon lock with the other Musashi thrust his now free Blade forward narrowly cutting Misturugi’s side as the other Samurai dodged the thrust as best he could, it was always so easy to lull his opponents into a sense of false security, to show them that it was never safe to let their guard down in combat.

Grunting as the Sword slid through a small space in his Armour cutting his side Mitsurugi forced his opponent away showing his superior strength over the single arm Musashi used against his Katana, making the Swords Master stumble before lashing out faster than his eyes could follow making Miyamoto cry out as a slash mark suddenly appeared on his chest and blood spurted out.

Gritting his teeth as blood poured down his front Musashi raised both Swords to block Mitsurugi’s Katana, sparks flying from their Weapons as he quickly found himself being pushed back by the other Samurai’s superior strength “you may be strong” he grunted as his arms strained against Mitsurugi’s larger ones “but do you have the skill to back it up?!” he then barked as her slid to the side, breaking the Weapons lock and carving his Katana’s along Mitsurugi’s back drawing more blood as his Blades cut through his thin Armour.

Stumbling as he hissed from the sting of the cuts along his back Mitsurugi then swung around slicing his Katana so fast that the air pressure from it made a wave of air travelling so fast and sharp that it cut through the trees several metres behind them as Musashi ducked to dodge it.

“What the?” Musashi gasped as he watched the trees fall perfectly cut in half.

“How’s that for skill?” Mitsurugi smirked as he readied Muichimonji again and with another slash sent another air current which Miyamoto barely dodged again sending more trees to the ground.

“What…what is that Sword?” Miyamoto demanded, he had seen many of Blade able to cut down a tree with a single strike but never from the air pressure of a swing alone.

“This Sword?” Mitsurugi replied with a quirked lip “it’s Nothing”.

Growling in annoyance at his mocking tone Musashi rushed his opponent again, the sounds of their Weapons clashing echoing out over and over as they blocked and reposted each other’s strikes with masterful skill. Sparks flashing from their clashing Blades as their fight brought them closer and closer to the forest near the clearing.

Slamming his Katana against Musashi’s twin Blades Mitsurugi then sharply kicked him in the gut sending his opponent slamming into the tree behind him hard enough to crack the wood before Miyamoto quickly dove out of the way as Mitsurugi thrust his Sword forward to impale him, running the tree through instead before twisting the Katana and slashing it outwards to free it to promptly clash it against Miyamoto’s Katana’s again.

Within seconds the sounds of rapid clangs and clashes of metal filled the air as the Samurai fought through the forest, sending sparks in every direction which in turn started to cause forest fires around them as they blocked and reposted each other’s strikes and moves.

Putting all of his strength into it Musashi then shunted Mitsurugi back before activating his Musou Mode, his body suddenly glowing a bright blueish white as his speed and strength drastically increased, weaving around another slash from Mitsurugi before going on a frantic assault on him, his Swords moving like blurs as they carved across his opponents body, arms and legs making him recoil and stumble back with every hit, countless cuts and gashes opening along his body with every hit before the final hit sent him crashing back against a burning tree.

As Mitsurugi fell Musashi stopped to catch his breath, only now really taking in the flames around them as it got steadily harder to breathe “huh…not bad” he then heard Mitsurugi grunt looking back to his opponent to find him pushing himself away from the tree “but I’ve taken worse” he stated as Miyamoto watched in shock as he essentially shrugged off the cuts and heavy bleeding he was suffering.

Steeling himself Musashi rushed forward to attack again only for Mitsurugi to once again repost, this time Musashi felt his right Katana fly clean out of his grasp landing several yards away “time to end you!” Mitsurugi then barked as he struck again, carving across Miyamoto’s midsection again making his gut burst open with blood as he cried out in pain and collapsed down to one knee.

Raising his left Katana to try to defend himself Musashi cried out again as his Blade was knocked harshly out of his grasp “depart…this life!” Mitsurugi continued as he then kicked Musashi up to his feet and with an upwards sweep of his Katana sent his opponent skyward, adding another bloody gash to Miyamoto’s chest sending blood everywhere as he readied his Weapon again.

“The end!” Mitsurugi then barked as he swung his Katana as Miyamoto fell head first, his Katana connecting with his opponent’s neck and with that it was over, Musashi’s head and body falling in two different parts as his blood further stained the ground.

Exhaling as his opponent fell dead Mitsurugi then sheathed his Blade and turned away “nice try” he uttered before simply walking away, leaving Miyamoto’s body to burn away with the forest.

Winner: Mitsurugi

Well it was about time that Soul Calibur got a win in my fights and it’s only fitting that that win goes to my Soul Calibur main Mitsurugi.

So why does Mitsurugi win in my opinion when Musashi technically can be considered to have a big advantage in being extremely skilled with two Swords compared to Mitsurugi’s one?

Well to put it simply Mitsurugi is more than used to fighting foes who dual wield e.g. Cervantes so Musashi bringing two Katana’s to the fight wouldn’t have been that big of a deal for him.

Plus the fact that Mitsurugi has the advantage in near every single category simply puts him way out of Miyamoto’s league. Mitsurugi has fought and beaten far more dangerous foes than Musashi has ever dreamed of facing and whilst yes Tadaketsu Honda and Nobunaga Oda are Warriors not to be scoffed at but they simply pale in comparison to the likes of Nightmare and Siegfried.

So in this fight, two was not better than one.
The one hundred and eightieth of my fan made Deadliest Warrior battles

In these I will be pitting my chosen warriors from all of history, be they real or fictional

The one hundred and eightieth battle: Mitsurugi (Soul Calibur) vs Musashi Miyamoto (Samurai Warriors)
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