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120 Budgeet

#120: Budgeet
Type: Light/Flying
Species: Little Bird
Ability: Keen Eye, Soundproof
Ht: 1’01”
Wt: 8 lbs.
Evolves: Into Courrot @ lv.15
Gender Ratio: 50% Male, 50% Female
Gender Differences: None
Wild Held Item: None
Egg Group(s): Flying
EP: 1 Sp. Defense
Name Origin: Budge-Parakeet
Base Stats:
HP: 50
Attack: 40
Defense: 40
Sp. Attack: 55
Sp. Defense: 55
Speed: 55
Total: 295
Dex Entry: Budgeet are a popular pet for many people because of their bright coloring and sweet nature. They love to sing little songs.
Attacks: Coming Soon!

Based off of a budgie (parakeet)
This is the first time I've done Base Stats so, if they seem a little off or, like, impossible... sorry T_T

Please don’t comment with “It looks like (Insert Official Pokemon or Other Fakemon)” Or “It has the same name as one of my fakemon!” Thank you
Pokemon © Nintendo
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ParakeetLuver927's avatar
Awwwww! That is so adorable! If this Pokemon existed, I'd get one of these in a heartbeat!
GoldenDogGodess's avatar
I wish this was in the game! I love budgies! Could you please draw the evolution, too?
garbagekeeper's avatar
The evolutions are drawn :'D
GoldenDogGodess's avatar
Really? I can't find them! XD Or am i just stupid? xD
DackVirnig's avatar
Like it! Speak of devil, my friend bought that kind of parrot~!
garbagekeeper's avatar
Thanks! :D Awww, how cute ^_^ I love Parakeets...
DackVirnig's avatar
Yes, they are so cute! I even let them sitting on my shoulder all day! However, in the result, my shoulder will be so stink! Ha, ;)
garbagekeeper's avatar
XD Yeah, that is one thing about pet birds. The poop on your clothes XD
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