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065 Widour



#065: Widour
Type: Bug/Dark
Species: Fatal
Ability: Intimidate
Ht: 3’06”
Wt: 31 lbs.
Evolves: None
Gender Ratio: 0% Male, 100% Female
Gender Differences: None
Wild Held Item: None
Egg Group(s): Bug
EP: 2 Attack
Name Origin: Widow-Hour
Base Stats:
HP: 65
Attack: 100
Defense: 50
Sp. Attack: 65
Sp. Defense: 50
Speed: 70
Total: 400
Dex Entry: Widour live in abandoned buildings, alone. Their bite is severely venomous and has caused many accidents for trainers and their Pokemon.
Attacks: Coming Soon!

I kind of like this one... but i don't like the pose :P
This is the first time I've done Base Stats so, if they seem a little off or, like, impossible... sorry T_T

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That's very cool! Definitely would have this gal on my team