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DnD: Lempo Reference Sheet

It's my tiefling bard Lempo again!

Re-drew some old illustrations (nyckelharpa and crossbow pics), and made bunch of new.

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Lempo is one of my fav after Kiru.
I enjoy it when you put a reference sheet, they give extra information on the character~!

Thank you for continuing to share these with us!
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Jeez, I just love the lines of this child. Everything just FLOWS.

Great instrument choices btw. I gave my Firbolg bard a tagelharpa, myself.
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Thank you! I wish I could have gone with a more stylized cartoony look, make it even more fluid and flowy. Maybe next time?
But I'm glad if you like it as it is! : D

Oh, I didn't even now that jouhikko had a swedish word counterpart!
(I probably should have, considering the history of our countries and how Swedish is one of the Finland's official languages...)

Tagelharpa has this very unique sound that resonates me in some absurd level, and that I associate strongly to Finnish (or Northern) nature, paganism and folklore. Cold and harsh, modest at first "glance", yet beautiful in it's own rough, melancholic and raw way?

Your Firbolg has a good instrument choice a well!!

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When I was picking out his instruments, I had a bowed lyre in mind and started roaming around for various options. The setting also had a very... Scandinavian base, so I focused on ones from the surrounding cultures. I ended up listening to jouhikko, tagelharpa and crwth (similar Welsh instrument) videos a whole bunch, and while I am sure that a better ear than mine could pick out differences, it worked to get my point across to share with my group. I also liked the... seemingly simplistic construction of the instrument and felt it fit a Northern firbolg society nicely.

The sound is really something else. It is... harsh at first, but it is still lovely and yes, I totally get what you mean by melancholic. It has really sparked a lot of Nordic folk music in my playlists in general. XD

honestly, I am just an American who loves Nordic and Slavic on the side folklore, like I don't have any in my family, but I keep stumbling on Finnish and Swedish films/artists/stories that just speak to me. Lots of the music being based on it just feeds me even more.
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Always such a delight to see more Lempo!!! ♥ All of this looks fantastic :-D
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I'm happy to hear that, they're so fun to draw : D
Thank you so much!
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Why is he hot? You’re making me question my sexual preference. I hate and love you at the same time.
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Lempo's gender and sex is actually a mystery (still even to myself), I don't know if that's make you question your preferences even more, or if it makes things easier 😂
Thank you for this, I always find it funny (in a good way), but first and foremost appreciate it when someone likes the character..!
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Thank You! : D
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My heart swells for them omggg... I’m in love 😩

WHAT IS THAT INSTRUMENT?! 😂 It looks amazing.. you must be a wonderful person to play DnD with 
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Thank u!
I think I have found my type from lanky antagonist (sidekicks), Lempo being an manifest of of these figured out preferences and elements??? 😂

As someone had replied, it's a nyckelharpa. An absolute nightmare to draw and to figure out how to even stylize...

I hope so, haha! Been out of the juices for couple of years now, wish I could act as much as I used to when playing as a character, but I try my best every time 💪✨ Social parts of the games are my favourite after all, talking with the NPCs and bonding between other players' characters.
Buying special drinks from local fantasy starbucks and whatnot :'D The Truly Important Priorities in the Epic Journeys!
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Very welcome— I can understand the attraction. I have.. a few of those myself.

Lmao! It looks like it— but sooo cool to look at drawn out as you have it.

As long as you’re still having fun I don’t think it’s something to feel down about but I can feel the pain in a different manner as I ammm a DnD novice? As opposed to a veteran. 😂 I want to do the role play parts but my brain does not function well on the spot in person and being shy about it doesn’t help either.
I’m still hoping, though. Hoping that more games will coax it out of me.
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The instrument is a Nyckelharpa (Keyharp) and it's very commonly seen in Scandinavia.… Here is a sample of it on youtube if you want to hear it. 
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That’s so cool!
Thanks for the info
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