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DnD: Harha Sorjasiipi

By Garama
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Protector aasimar cleric, Harha Sorjasiipi.
Revisited an old pic, made it into a fullbody, plus some extra for sheets of them.

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BonzlyDoo's avatar
SUCH a freaking cool hairstyle design wtf?!
Tomoe-Tenryu's avatar
I really really love their hair!
It's very peculiar and attracts my eye every single time.
I do admit I am wary of characters that "look angelic", I always have a feeling is a cover-up in which later they reveal how not kind they are. xD

Thank you for continuing sharing these with us!
Murielle's avatar
That haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair!! <3
arurelius's avatar
I adore the hair cape on them! That's probably one of the most clever design ideas I've seen in a long time, good job : D
killa7's avatar
That colour combo is very nice, and I love the nose you gave the character! He/She/Them (what would be the right pronoun here?) has a very calm and collected ... aura?! I think aura is the word I am looking for.
schillernatalia's avatar
Very nice, i love the expressions of the facees. :D
GalacticAbys's avatar
Woah! I love the design!
TheLizAngel's avatar
Jonerico's avatar
gorgeousboi <3
SnakeQueen211's avatar
I love your art so much, I don't know if you do commissions but i'd love to someday get something done. I just don't know if i could decided what it would be. lol  
cookiecutter60's avatar
Dude all of your characters and designs absolutely stun and amaze me ;o; I ADORE your work <333
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