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some practice...

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Just some practice... done... in... a... program... I... can't... mention... right... now...
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I think this a perfect example of why I love study sketches so much on dA. Like Picasso, you can never really tell what is stylistic choice and what is artistic limitations from looking at a finished piece. A few of the most amazing artists on dA have really lousy study sketches and vice-versa.

This is awesome. I can't say that's a *complete* surprise, given your excellent 3D sculptures, but it is very different from your very stylized original 2D art. So I respect both a little more now. I hope that isn't taken the wrong way... :/
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Not at all! Thanks! :)

I really should use reference more. Sometimes my stylistic choices -are- due to a bit of laziness on my part. Luckily, the software I used to create this is helping me get back to more traditional techniques (I couldn't mention it because it's a beta and I signed a contract...)
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Hehehe looks good.
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Thanks! :) Been trying to use reference more lately...