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Selfridge's XV (Henri Leclair again)



Henri again, looking Peter Falk-ish, and a bit of Agnes. :)

This is the last (of fifteen) in a series of practice pieces painted in Manga Studio 5, based on screen caps from season two of 'Mr Selfridge'.

I think this is the level of cartooniness that I'd like to aim for; just subtle exaggeration. I took a break to adjust my brushes and textures before painting this, and as usual, I ended up discarding many of the brushes that I thought I'd use. As a result, I had to repaint a couple areas, including the face, which I finally managed to paint in the same manner that I paint clothing - fast and loose. I'm finally getting more confident in my brushwork. Not worrying about staying in the lines seems to help most - after I finish an area I just use a layer mask to erase any stray marks.

This is probably the last in this series and possibly the last out of me for some time (again). I've started to focus on my drafting skills and possibly venturing into real media.        

(Finished April 14, 2015)

Thanks for looking!
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