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Poof WIP

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Just some practice... Need to remember to pick my colors carefully; I get impatient sometimes.
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I need to do all this myself... *sigh*. I tend to go straight into the final outline and color in afterwards, and I always get into trouble that way. And I never remember to save my palette colors (lazy, so very lazy), which I always regret later when doing transparent glazes and the like.

It's funny because I am a compulsive planner/organizer in every other aspect of my life (I make exhaustive packing lists and save them for subsequent trips). Art brain and real life brain just don't talk as much as they ought.

Oh, and it's a nice painting too. I liked the initial warm autumny color scheme, but then you pulled together the final ice blue surprisingly well.
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Ironically, I find I finish much faster when I take the time to pick my colors and store them. Kinda like grabbing the colored pencils you need and keeping them at hand. Otherwise I waste a lot of time using the color picker again.

I know what you mean though, and I often revert to lazy tactics when painting. In fact, I often wish I would develop my drawings more before adding paint.

Thanks! :)