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This is a modified version of my entry to the Street Fighter Tribute Art Contest. [link] :)

It wasn't picked but at least that means I can post it now. ;P

This was a bit of a rush job for me (I didn't originally intend to enter but changed my mind about half a week before the deadline).

I wanted to show Cammy as "pretty" rather than her usual sexpot image. I imagined her here as maybe sizing up her competitors.

You can see the version I actually submitted at my ZBrushCentral post: [link]


Thanks for looking!
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Forsaken: The Forgotten Warrior

Game Story Summary

You are an out-cast Master Samurai with exceptional skill. Born to be the Leader of a destroyed Empire, but Exiled by the Supreme Guardians of the Emperors Shine because of conspiracy of Misconduct. You alone have traveled the devastated lands in search of rest and peace, but to no avail you have fallen to wayside as fate pulls you back into the very world you are trying to escape from. Armed with just a Katana, Kage (You) Must fight your way back into Honor and relinquish the title " Forsaken. "

GamePlay Mechanics

Game-play will be as follows:

-Hack and Slash/Adventure
-Japanese Historical/Fantasy Based Theme
-3rd person View with manipulable cameras
-Battle System with upgradable attacks and techniques
-Stealth-mode with instakills.
and much more...

About Us

Hello, My name is Malykai and I notice your inspiring work and I am making a game (already in-progress) and I think you would be a great addition to it. It is Open Concept game, meaning you are able to add you input and ideas into the game to shape its outcome. So the GDD I have, but will change as we create more and more. I am a 3D Modeler/ Animator/2d Concept Artist/Sound Engineer and will be adding more to my arsenal. I want this Team to be full of Newbies (Now when I say Noobs, meaning you have basic knowledge of Art, UDK and 3D Software's) so that the hunger to create drives us. The Style and format of the game is hack and slash adventure (third person.) With this project the goal is to get a finished title under your belt and from there you can branch out and with your new experience build a bigger and better game. Thanks for your interest in the project.

Now this is where you come in. We need artist (which I myself am also one) to help us realize this Vision which is already in progress. We need concepts including environment pieces, Character works and the two combined. Also, if you possess the skill to do 2D maps that's a plus, but not mandatory. If you feel like this is a fit for you and have been desiring to add more to your portfolio, and work with other exceptional artist then this is the place. For compensation we will be splitting Royalties if we go for funding, but as of right now it is a non-paid project in which you can add that you have " Worked on game." to your portfolio.(Why not right?)

Deviant Art thanks to you. You've been a great asset in helping us move forward. I just wanted to let you know that we are moving into getting the animation pipeline rolling for the Main characters and Enemies and setting up a small prototype to work out all the kinks before we move on. Things have been moving great and we have received a great amount of contribution from the team.

2D Concept Artist 1/4
3d Modelers 2/4
3D Character Modelers 1/4
Animators 1/3
Programmers 2/3
Level Designers 2/4
Sound engineers 2/2
Writer 2/2
Musical Composition 1/2

The Roles are being filled just fine but we still would like to add you. Thanks

Thank you, we will have an update coming up here in the next couple days. Thanks again for all the help and support. BTW the animations are not final quality these are for testing and will be iterated several times and if you see a position full please don't hesitate to apply we could always use the help.

Keep following us @ at the various threads below
Feel free to view our progress and to Contact me at the following :


Contact Me @
Skype ID : Xardyon0 (That is a zero at the end)
Carto ID : Xardyon
Or here on Deviant

Payout :

If and when the project gets funded, everyone will receive an equal split.(If Kick-started this payout will obviously be after rewards.)
Payout will be distributed at the end of that process.

Why have interest in us:

Well to be quite frank is because we have interest in you. This is not just a team where everyone grinds and works by just submitting their already known talents, but we aim to increase your arsenal by teaching what we know about the other roles associated with Game Dev. We are dedicated and passionate about the work we do and we only ask the same of you.

A G.D.D. (Game Design Document) is available upon request. This will be an equally split Royalty project. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. If you still have questions or need WIP's please send inquiry to email address mentioned above.

Important things to know:

-We know this is not a AAA Title. We are fine with that and we are aiming to keep it simple so that it CAN be finished.
-This is a beginners project with members having decent amount of skills
-This project will most likely not make you rich.
-This project will not be paid upfront for any service(s) rendered.
-Project will be using UDK engine.

We will be posting more on you tube bi-weekly as we progress.
Please click below for more.


P.S. If this recruitment can be made any better please feel free to let me know as this is my first real try at doing this.
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You Got Another Thing Coming Thinking she refuse to take her Bathing Suit
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Yeah, too much Cammy art is focused on her supposed GIANT ASS. :c Or random giant boobs. >_>; This is very nice! ^^ I like the different look to her uniform.
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amazing work. great detail.
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NP. Nice work!
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Perfect! Sexy and cute.
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sweet piece of work.. <3 cammy
love the work you did on her skin with the blotchiness.. looks very realistic
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Great picture .
I love Cammy.
Please take a look at my Cammy and comment,ok ?
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I -love- this!
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I'd pick it, looks amazing!
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Woot! Thanks, Jin-Saotome!
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Very nicely done. Good rendering too :)
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Nice and cute :)
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