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got to adjust them rabbit ears for better TV reception

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Now this is just too precious and endearing XD

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did I ever tell you what adorable ears you have ;3
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Nick: "I just need to adjust your antennae here..."
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Ive always shipped them they're my ssopt (super sonic one true pair)
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Love these! Keep it up! :D
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I think i have never seen an better expression containing annoyance and adorement at the same time before. So sweet moment in the movie too, gotta love it to death.
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Aw. So sweet. I LOVE! It. Great work! :D
(Continued comment from…)

Nick: But in exchange, your long ears belong to me now...
Judy: Fine, fair enough I guess...
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Cute <3 for?
Fan Art
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Nice painting man! keep up the good work
BTW haven't watched the movie yet :p 
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I'm kinda glad it's not canon, it just makes the ship more "fun".
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I'mma gonna wreck it.
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Why did I say this?
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Just saw this movie today........... OFFICIALLY AN ALL-TIME FAVE!!!
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this is adorable
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one of my fav parts in the movie :D
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