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Stupid Fox, Sly rabbit

By Ganym0
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Nick ; Where is my car keys?
Judy ; Ugh, stupid husband.
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Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1]  You draw fur so perfectly!! Fangirl Emote  I MUST LEARN YOUR WAYS!!
Tesla51's avatar
Nick: You say one word of this to anyone, and I'll mention foot thumping thing.
g1ng3rd0ct0r's avatar
Magick205's avatar
He's looking for his keys, they have to be somewhere!
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sysable's avatar
It's called a "mouse jump", sweetheart.
Vioven's avatar
Joke's on you, Judy. He caught the perp.
Owlgirl424's avatar
Umm........ WTF is he even doing, trying to burrow like an ostrich?!
GarrettRS's avatar
This might shed some light. [link]
Owlgirl424's avatar
Oh, that actually shedded a LOT of light; thank you! (Still made me laugh a lot, but I appreciate the link.)
GarrettRS's avatar
No problem, glad you liked it. ;)

I can just imagine Nick diving into the snow like this to catch a rodent burglar or something.
Owlgirl424's avatar
Lol.....that would be perfect. :XD:
sonadowfan2002's avatar
not realy XD foxes do that to catch their prey under the snow i guess XD
Owlgirl424's avatar
Huh...... well, I learned something new!
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This reminds me of this nature clip on YouTube where a fox jumps head first into snow to hunt for mice!Nod 
Mystic2760's avatar
Did it work? Did the fox find mice? o3o
Ocarina52's avatar
Yeah he found the mice and ate them up.🙂
Dump Fox sounds a bit better c:
TheKittenKat's avatar
Judy:Who is the dumb one now?😆
Nick:haha very funny now get me out! 😒
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