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Digital Mind


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Digital Mind


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Black Jacket John

The cave emerged from the dunes like a wart from the back of a hog. The town on the spring had long since faded from view, but it was still close enough to return if Mary needed to. Out here, there was still stragglers who roots could reach water, but beyond the cave they faded. Trash was strewn long its edge, and foot prints emerged from it, showing that the cave was inhabited. After hours of walking across the hot sand, Mary was now close enough to the cave to tell that it too was made from of sand, and she found it odd that it did not give way to its weight. As she drew in closer the mouth grew more and more foreboding, beginning to resemb


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Physical Media

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Traditional Digital Art

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Behold the Omni-Fractal!

Algorithmic Art

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Alien Planet


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Simplified Guide to Metal Subgenres


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The Wrong Fig

In Eden there was a great tree With fruit sweet as can be But I knew they weren’t good for me Sometimes I wonder What would have happened if I had stayed Never embarked on this endeavor Then there would be no price to be paid No dreams to sever This forest could live forever And we would all be happy For all eternity But now it’s too late! Can’t trust these things For this is my fate, I’ve lost my wings My ego grew too big And now I’m stranded with the wrong fig I curse my curiosity I’ve cursed my progeny But this can’t be my destiny Sometimes I wonder If there is meaning in suffering M


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Faust Demo 1


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Caged Nature


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My Little Valentine

My Little Pony

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Learn to Fly Part I: Bubbles

A story that I wrote when I was just a filly, called "Bubbles", has been leaked to the public. Ever since it was released everypony has been giving me strange looks and a few have been asking me if I'm alright and similar stuff. I'm quite all right now, thank you very much, that was a long time ago. I've changed quite a bit since then, and I feel that now I am obligated to give the whole story behind "Bubbles", the story of my life. So here it is, starting off from the end of that dreaded narrative. *** There I was in the Everfree Forest, making bubbles, blissfully unaware of what was going on around, unaware of how my mother had left. Soon

Learn to Fly

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Shithe Up Your Plot

Ghelded Kultz

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Isn't this what you wanted?


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The Adrinaden

Monster Concept Art

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