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PZG Tech Demo 1 - Basic Code

Yes, all the graphics are ridiculous place holders. I'm going to have to update the code once I get some actual sprites with animation in. Right now I'm creating the basic objects. If you are interested in helping me in anyway/joining the project, please contact me. I'm especially interested in sprite artists.

Z:Melee Attack
X:Magic Laser Attack
SPACE:Charge magic (only works if under 3 magic)
P:Pause game

It's not an actual game, just a testing zone.
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Okay, what I think I've figured out:
The red square is bad (hurts)
The brown is dirt and slows you down
The green square is grass and puts you at normal speed
The blue square is water and makes you really fast
Dark blue squares are magic chargeups
Red circles are health chargeups
You can kill the green circle, which has 3 health. I hurts if you touch it
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Pretty much, except the blue is supposed to be ice, so technically water. In the actual game the ground would be completely covered in tiles, I was just testing everything here. The graphics are all going to be overhauled once I get the basic out, though quite a bit will have to be modified to accommodate animation.
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I forgot to move that grass back, whatever.