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Eve Online Drake - Light



*New Update 2*
~~ If you guys like this effect, but like the Drake - Dark version better, please notify me. if enough people say so, i'llput the effect on Drake - Dark (which can be located at the end of this description)

Once more updated drake with better shielding discharged effects. might continue updating late,r as new ides come to mind. Removed fuzziness and added thinner and more numerous (lightning ripples) to it
*End Update*

this is my 5th 3x sig in the Eve universe. This drake went to investigate a recently exposed hideout of the guristas. as it arrive,d the Guristas started firing at the drake with their missiles making the Drake's shields to shimmer. Will it hold out? will it have to retreat?

I create my sigs in Dark and Light versions. Light version is what the product was intentionally suppose to become but sometimes, and more often then not, the Dark version looks nicer so i might as well post them both up.

Hope you enjoy! if you want me to create a sig for you (in this sort of style) please send an email at with the image you want.

hope you enjoyed!

~Ganoes Paran

Link for Dark Version : [link]

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ermahgerd this is now mah wallpaper