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To Cage The Dragon - PDF version

By gannjondal
I'm learning dA by doing.

Too stupid - I was not aware before that it is possible to upload also pdf files as normal submissions.
Sorry for that confusion Ashamed

[Please find the old version at: To Cage The Dragon]


Ok, here is it once more:

This entry is my first real tutorial. It is a first introduction in how rarely used formulas which are sometimes difficult to handle.

For a short overview you may have a look to my journal at this link.

One note regarding the calculation of the final picture: 
On my Laptop from 2010 with a first-generation i7 4 core/HT mobile CPU the calculation of the picture (2400x1800) did need about 20-25 minutes minutes.
So that tutorial should be something what can be cone by the most people (I hope).
Without relection it is even about 1/3 less.

Used Mandelbulb3D v189 [MengerIFS, Quadrat3D]

Discussion (if anyone should want to talk about details ;-)) should be done within the Journal entry.
© 2014 - 2021 gannjondal
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Thanks for sharing this! I gave it a whirl, and didn't realize it was so simple to get interesting shapes to play with. Definitely something I will come back to!
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Yeah, often the seemingly simple shapes do show a large variety of possibilities.
Feel free to give it a try; for a longer time Q3D was one of the forgotten M3D formulas; but now a slightly larger amount people do use it with some amazing results.

You are welcome, Johan!
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Thank you so much for this!!! Great :D
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You are most welcome, Nancie :-)
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thank you! 
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Don't mention it :-)
It was a fun to write this tut (and of course to see that some people have used it).
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very nice of youHug 
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Thank you for sharing :) :iconflowerthnxplz:
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Was fun to write the tut. - Thank you for your comment :-)
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I shall study it with due dilligence ;) Welcome, Gannjondal :)
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Awesome thanks. This is really helpful. I played with the lighting a bit and have something a little darker to share. This sort of stuff is really opening me up to what I want to be able to create.
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Thank you for your kind comment.
Would be great if I could spend some help, or inspiration :-)
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Gern geschehen :wave:
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It's very interesting, Thanks !!
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Don't mention it :-)
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You are welcome, Ilaria.
Had fun while writing the tut :-)
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