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My Bio
Ok. For now let's start with the very beginning.
I became addicted in fractals --- ages ago.
Probably in the early 1990s if not earlier.

Of course at that ancient times the computers did have certain limitations.
The first pictures needed a day or so for e.g. 80x60 pixels of 2 colors. Fast-escaping formulas of course.

I left the path, and came back - again and again.

At the first years it has been more interesting to manipulate formulas than to create art.
So the maximum what could result were pictures like my current ID (which is of course a manipulation).

But finally I started tough to try to bring more quality in the pictures.
So I think I should take the consequence, and go public.

No fear - I will not upload more pics from the middle ages ;-).
It just may happen that I will not be able to refrain some pics from the UF era, or some simple but unusual shapes: It seams that there are still some lovers of minimal art.

I hope I will not confuse you too much with wandering through the decades. However it may happen that there will not alwas be the newest artwork in my uploads.

I don't know whether I'm an artist - please decide for yourselves. Finally there is of course the quite hope that there are a few people who like one or another of the pics.

Tools of the Trade
Current:Mandelbulb3D. Past:Mandelbulber, UltraFractal, Fractint etc


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There have not been long journeys lately - among others because of the known reasons. But I had the feeling that I should add a new foto post after several years. Hence here a number of pictures from up to about 100km around my current home town. There is a focus -hardly surprising- to autumn colors, but not exclusively. Tiny towns: Autumn impressions: Castles: Woodlands:
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A Vacation Report         Hello again :wave: ! NOTE:  As in the previous years I'm still not telling where this is - feel free to guess about that --- Sooo, now I want to solve the puzzle --- And yes, it was Ireland, simply. Some years ago I was in Scotland too, and yes, I can understand everyone who sees similarities :-) 23°C, yes! Native's statement. That sounds like a good place to escape from a country where the most people (but not oneself) are only happy about a summer when there is sun every day, and >30°C. Well, maybe one need to make some compromise in terms of landscape: [Wicklow Mountains - You were right,
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Thank you very much for the fave 😊

Has been a pleasure again ld cowboy leo

Thank you very much for the fave 😊

Thanks a lot for faving ! :hug:

You are always very welcome :tip-hat:

Thank you for the :+fav: :wave:

It's always a pleasure :waves: V4