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Prequel - Katia in Graphics Gale

By Gannadene
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I read Prequel, when I remember to. Since it updates so slowly (stare) it's fairly easy.

I asked the guy who does it, Kazerad, what program he uses. It ended up being some odd Japanese sprite program called Graphics Gale. It's sort of like MSPaint except it has layers and can animate things. I always loved the no-aliasing look to lines. Photoshop REFUSES to do this.

Anyway, I decided to see how well I could draw in it, since Kaz can pull off some pretty nifty things in it. After some combat with Katia's eyes, it turned out okay. I figured out how to shade, rather awkwardly using alpha on layers. I could never get light shading to work though, since the program treats white as canvas space instead of just white. Which I'm happy about, actually, but it does remove that ability. Ah well. I could have probably just went 254,254,254, but you know...

Some accused her outfit of being too form-fitting. Maybe. Or maybe it's not tight enough. Let's just compromise. I wish her eyes weren't black, as a side note. She looks like she should have green eyes.
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I know, old reply but I believe you can do the pixely line thingy with pain tool sai as well if you use the binary brush
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Hi plague :b 
I seem to have caught plague from the dark souls vids. 
Love your tri-fusions :b 
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Looks good man, you did her sweet justice. :thumbsup:
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This is good. Also, Photoshop's Anti-antialiased pixelly pen thing is the pencil tool, in case you didn't know.
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And it's terrible. Just terrible. Take it away!
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dA does not have nearly enough Prequel fanart.

More please.
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