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Kajortoq (Kitty)

By Gannadene
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Acidarms's avatar

great work, this is also a wonderful series to watch.

inchide's avatar

Judging you Southerly...

Cylexus's avatar
This show is great, Kitty by far the best character there.
Revan005's avatar
She beautiful!:love:
LightningLynx89's avatar
That's just Paige. lol.
LightningLynx89's avatar
Super Best Friends/Castle Super Beast joke.
K4nK4n's avatar
She looks so powerful!Sylveon Attract Plz Heart Heart Heart Heart 
Son0fgrim's avatar
curse you for getting me into an incredibly well animated series.
Nod-Shadow-Wolf's avatar
Wasn't expecting No Evil. This is great! :)
Hergman's avatar
monocle! :iconisayplz:

whoever she is
lichtningbolt's avatar
I really like the art you did here for kitty.
I recently found the show too and god do I hate youtube for not pointing this out years ago xD
But awesome!
fecler's avatar

last episode was crazy for her character, good timing!

JosephineLithius's avatar
Just think…  All of what she's been through started because she was hungry for grapes.

(I mean, not literally, but still~)
arcadian123's avatar
you also watched that series!! No Evil! ^^
Kitty is so hot already uwu and in your style she is even sexier xD
Drawer-sama's avatar
Better than human form
(Even after I looked I dunno who this is)
anonrat's avatar
Warlord-of-Noodles just gonna have her see this here...
anonrat's avatar
Sorry! Didn't mean to reply. On mobile so it kinda glitched a bit.
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