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A Sit with Coco

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So Endearing, So Trusting.

Oh, Plague the lines you draw

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Nice job drawing Coco~

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Plague is at it again!

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she looks really cute in your style x)

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Did a gripe come with this that I missed?

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A sit quickly turns into... uh...
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Im not into furries...but THIS is just adorable and really well done!
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Throughout these last two years your style has developed in such an impressive way, you've been an excellent artist for a while now but even moreso nowadays.
Your lineart is very careful, detailed, and provides a great sense of depth and emphasis, while your coloring and shading are super smooth and pleasing while still providing good texturing.
You are a master of your craft, plague. And i'm absolutely thrilled with every new piece you put out, even if i'm not big into the ole furry stuff
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Human hand. What.

G guy d it yddfgggkhfhsuzn
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Handholding?! How lewd!

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Great work! I can only imagine the possible story for this.

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Those pictures you choose to create something simply wholesome are my favorite pictures of yours.

I'm absolutely in the minority in this for sure, but I don't care.

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Heh. Good to hear. 👍

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So cute! =D

Love it :heart:

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