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My Bio
Current Residence: Lahaina, HI
Favourite genre of music: Techno, Trance, Anime, J-Rock, J-Pop, Jazz, Rock and Video Game
Favorite style of art: Anime, Manga & Western cartoons (to an extent)
Operating System: Windows 10 (currently)
Favorite anime/manga/cartoon character(s): (Rethinking about it later)
Favorite OCs by Artists/Creators: (Trying to think of something or I put them in journals)

Favourite Visual Artist
So far: Kirbopher, Scoot, Zeurel, bleedman, Akina Fujiwara (藤原明奈), Shigetaka Kimura (木村樹崇), Kloah13, Rt-Sy, Jcdr, Artfonpro, PaulGQ, Nosmir
Favourite Movies
(This can be hard to decide.)
Favourite TV Shows
So far: "Courage the Cowardly Dog", "Cardfight!! Vanguard", "Martian Successor Nadesico", "Shirobako"
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
So far: Uverworld, FLOW, Gorillaz, Queen, Phyrnna
Favourite Books
So far: Karakuri Doji Ultimo, GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class
Favourite Games
So far: "BlazBlue", "Guilty Gear X2 Accent Core Plus", "Team Fortress 2", "Super Smash Bros. series", "TMNT 4: Turtles in Time", "Tales of Symphonia", "Custom Robo (V2 and GC)"
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo (Gamecube, Wii, DS and 3DS)
Other Interests
Animations, Comics, Gaming, Art, Drawing, Cooking
In case you didn't catch it in the Request journal: Slots are full, I am not taking anymore requests until further notice.
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Yeah, I think my First-time request slots journal thing may also going to be my only one, until further notice. One slot is still available. Sorry about that, folks. :(
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Well, from ~DraxDrilox (, I guess I'd be taking some limited request. I feel kind of bad for not being out with this sooner. :c I'll update this as I go along, including policies. I'll try to work on them as much as I can. I am able to do single character drawings or a simple scenario that character is in, so I can't really do anything super complex atm. Sorry... I can do "R-15"/"15+"/"B-15" rated stuff for now. No "drowning (fetish)" scenarios, please. Just not my cup of tea. :c DO NOT try to have me draw exactly in another artist's style. This especially goes for attempts to have me draw in styles of people I follow and/or art budd
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hello, I'm a novice artist in the field of fetish art, I take commissions, maybe you would be interested!

thank you for your attention and sorry to disturb <33

Thanks for the Fav!

You're welcome. :>

Excuse me @GanicoGSx can I ask you about requests or suggestions?

Requests (stuff that I'm not interested in or can't get paid for), no. :c

Suggestions (stuff that is within my interests paid or not), maybe.

Sorry for the vagueness, just still getting readjusted with drawing digitally after not being able to do so for months.

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Hey Oni happy bday man, hope you had a great day : D!!! :icondragonglomp: :cake: :party: