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Policies and Beliefs

"Its not about the quantity but the quality of the charm, It represents me and I want to be well represented for"

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How to Order
Product Care

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Place an Order - Commissions - Communication

Prices for a single charm can range from $7-14 depending on: SIZE LABOR DETAIL and other variables please send an email/ note for any questions~

.::-::. P l a c i n g   a   O r d e r .::-::.

1. Be ready! If you would like to place an order/commission please contact me at: Send me an email describing exactly what you would like!

Commission: Size - Color - Necklace/Bracelet/Cell Phone Strap

Shipping: Tracking number - Express/Priority Mail/Insurance

2. I will then evaluate the order for confirmation! Once its been validated I will send an "Order Confirmation Form" that you must fill out asap!!! If the form is not filled out within 5 DAYS of it being sent I WILL NOT confirm your order.

4. I will then notify you when I've begun work on the order and post daily % percentage completion in my DA Journal!

3. I will begin your order immediately and ask that you pay. I will not send an item until payment transaction is confirmed. Once payment has been met the product will then be sent to its new owner!

~ :: ~ :: P a y m e n t :: ~ :: ~

GandaKris Studios accepts PayPal - ETSY - Artfire - Checks or Money. Only USD ( United States Dollar)

We can charge through your PayPal account or set up a reserved spot on either ETSY or ArtFire. I will have the described order below with customers name as well.

Checks must be cleared before the products are shipped otherwise they will not leave the studio. Clearance takes 5-7 business days and confirmation of clearance will be sent! Items will then be shipped on the next business day. (Check Shipping Details)

Cash must be well concealed its always at your own risk and we cannot cover any lost amount.

Please contact me for any further questions!

...::: S h i p p i n g :::....

We use USPS "If it Fits it Ships!"
We ship on Mondays and Fridays

United States (US)  Takes 5-7 business days.
International Takes 2 weeks depending on the country/ location.

If you would like Tracking numbers, Rush/Priority Shipping or Insurance please send me a message at

_ _.-- R e f u n d s --._ _

All items that are shipped is well covered in bubble wrap for immediate protection. We do not cover shipping damage due to USPS neglect, has yet to occur. We do not offer any refunds although we may consider an alternative! Please contact immediately for further details.

Once the item is placed into the outgoing mail and on its way to you, we are no longer responsible unless you have paid for insurance!

If the item(s) you have been sent are incorrect simply message me immediately and Ill have you fully reimbursed and the correct order sent to you!

I want to allow for full satisfaction, nothing less! I have placed my own signature on display to ensure how much I appreciate and want to continue to do business with you!

Its my seal of approval!

~ .::. ~ .::  P o l i c i e s  ::. ~ .::. ~

All these are handmade so keep into consideration that the item may take 4+ more days depending on order size/detail. Im very accurate on detail but I will work diligently to get your order in and out on time!

All commissions must be paid for before hand, through any methods mentioned in the payment section.

.: Any orders $150+ must be %50 paid for upfront :.

~-~  ~-  P r o d u c t   C a r e  -~  ~-~

.: Small parts is a choking hazard to the small ones, no products should ever be consumed! 8+:.
.: Charm Products are water resistant but should not be submerged I will not guarantee the survival rate of any charm :.
.: Bottled Items should be handled with care considering they are glass :.
.: Liquid Bubble is a very durable substance that will keep its bubbly form for a VERY long time. I would not recommend you place it into a hot situation! :.

_--:: B a c k   S t o r y ::--_

   ..:: I am a self taught artist who has been very well round in the art district, I have grown from drawing pokemon to actually incorporating it to my life. I want to provide you with something so unique, rare, and special. My hands can do just that! I want to present a charm like no other with detail that surpasses all. Not for my benefit...but for yours because you deserve the best!

So I thank you for your order, support, love and patients.


May you always be Ma-Ganda (beautiful) !!!

- Commissions - Order - Communicate -
G a n d a K r i s S t u d i o s

I highly recommend you read this before ordering!
Policies and Beliefs

How to Order
Product Care
Back Story

- Commissions - Order - Communicate -

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I’m saving this for later but how much would be a custom Phone charm for one of my characters?