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Nova commission

This is a Nova (from Starcraft) commission i did some years ago and i used as interior art in the "Ladies of Blades"!


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Ladies of Blades Cover by Ganassa

And this is the cover of Ladies of Blades. What is it? A compilation of both Starcraft Comic commission i did ("Mistress of Blades" and "Kerrigan's Destiny" - here renamed "Kerrigan's Ascension"). In one single pdf.

If you want to download the pdf, send me a note here on DA!

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This is not Nova. Nova has green eyes in StarCraft. Are you color blind or just ignorant or lazy to check official sources?

Dammit. You already drew her with right eyes color in Mistress of Blades . What the hell did happen with you this time?

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wonderful pose...ant that..gaze
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Nova is so naughty!!!!
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1st looks awesome
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Absolutely gorgeous pinup.

Her eyes are supposed to be green, though.
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You're the only person on da that doesn't draw extremely exaggerated ass/boob, like 3x the size of the head
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I do only when commissioner request that. I mean ultra big boobs.
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Suit malfunction? ;)
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Suit Maintenance!
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