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Mortal Kombat X - Cassie Cage

By Ganassa
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So, Mortal Kombat X is finally out.

Are you playing it? Are you enjoying it?

In any case it's time for Cassie Cage!


Mortal Kombat X - Tanya by Ganassa

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Jacqui Briggs
Mortal Kombat X - Jacqui Briggs by Ganassa

Mortal Kombat X - D'Vorah by Ganassa

Sonya Blade
Mortal Kombat X - Sonya Blade by Ganassa
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Whetsit-Tuya's avatar
Her neck has some intimidating mandibles
ssaffr01's avatar
Hey Cass, can I barrow you for an hour? My washing machine's broken. 

Day-yum Girl!
Excellent work! so good
KeirTanaka's avatar
Something about her jawline makes her look much older  :sherlock:she looks like a marginally younger Cruella DeVile...the art is spot-on but tha depiction off-center!
ertanal's avatar
damn this is hot
hot, sweaty female muscle, yeah this puts team in a mans step!
Dat big shit eating grin. Yup, she's a Cage alright.
BRNOS's avatar
I'm not gonna lie, the glasses are really making her look sexy.
Fyrestone420's avatar
She looks old. But good i guess
WOLFBLADE111's avatar
Knight3000's avatar
Pretty cool her Selfie Fatality is funny
Smashfanful's avatar
"Scassato da una Cage."
amazon211's avatar
I just love Cassie's personality.
Suazoproductions's avatar
This is great! You should make another based off her alternate skin
BlackKusanagi's avatar
Just awesome. The colors, the girl abs. All awesome.
SweetTrust's avatar
More from cassie :) she is cute 
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