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Mortal Kombat 11 - Skarlet

This is my personal fan art design of Skarlet from Mortal Kombat 11!


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I really like this piece it's like a blend of her classic look along with her mk11 design, this would have literally been the perfect default look for Skarlet instead of the weird ass bulky, clusterfuck design they gave her which wasn't even in the the story mode (even the story mode outfit had a better design).Anyways this is really cool

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beautiful artwork

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Beautiful ! Do you plan to do the other girls ? (Kitana, Sindel, Cetrion etc...) Your MK line is great

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Blood and Sex. Nuff said ❤.

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And this the only way she can be sexy now.
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What? She’s terrifying in MK11! Like a suped up yandere with a god complex.
I meant it as a compliment towards your style. Apologies for any offense
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Now that should have been the outfit for scarlet in game not that damn Arabian look.
Great pic!  All you need now is a sexy Kitana!
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Glad you appreciate it!
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Looks lovely, I really like the interplay between the highlighted area and ambient reflections.
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Yup. You made her pretty damn hot. Love it.
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