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KOF - Alice Garnet Nakata

Appearing first in the "Garou Densetsu The Legend of Wild Wolf" Fatal Fury Pachinko slot machine, Alice now she’s joining the female roster of King of Fighters XIV, mixing Terry and Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi and Rock Howard fighting styles.

Born as #1 Terry Bogard Fan, now she’s trying to become a stand alone character.


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Lovely, Vibrant, and Spectacular Artwork!!! :D (Big Grin) =P (Razz) :o (Eek) Meow :3 ;) (Wink) Love Heart Clap :happybounce: Giggle OMG Blush Horny! Drool Flirtatious omfg Happy cry (Tears of joy) Worship Smoking Woohooooo! Headbang! Nuu OMG MOAR POEMS! :squee: Judge Winner I salute you! :lovely: la in love :love: Sexy and I know it SmileyFactory I love play with fire moonflower :LongStemRose: +favlove deviantART DeviantArt I love deviantART! deviantART 
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You're welcome and Cheers!Handshake :cheers: (Cheers!) Emoticon Cheers and Applause - NaNoEmo Day 8 
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Sweet and cute
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1st such amazing cutie you draw here

2nd nice outift X3
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1) Thanks!

2) Thanks a lot! :)
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1st your welcome

2nd :)
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Dammit to bad they never end the blue mary story
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Blue Mary, such an underrated character!
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Looks so much like Cindy Aurum from Final fantasy XV.
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They have similarities, but Alice is a way older chara 
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Some Jyn Erso pic´s from you would be soo damm holy nice : °
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Check my gallery!
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I don't care what anyone says Alice is Terry's unofficial daughter.
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At first i mistake her for his daughter.
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You're not the only one.  If you played  KoF 15 she is a blatant cross between Bogard and Blue Marry
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Would be nice if they will make a Daughter Team (And + May -> Daughter, Terry + Blue Mary -> Daughter, etcc..) and a Mothers Team, don't you agree?
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