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K/DA POP/STARS commission

By Ganassa
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Commissioned by :iconlp4ever: here comes this K/DA group shot! 

The K/DA fiction Pop group is composed by: Ahri, Akali, Kai'sa and Evelynn.

The "Pop/star" music video (watch it here-> is a successful marketing campaign like the Vi Splash Screen song (do you remember it? Check it here ->, but the mix of K/Pop and Western Pop is so well made (not to mention the Live/AR K/DA live exhibition at LOL finals) that Youtube video views skyrocket to over 160 million views.

Not to mention the quality of animation and direction of the animation, made by Fortiche french studio.

I hope you will enjoy this piece. Variation will follow.

Also already available on INPRNT store:…

I'm also thinking about doing a wallpaper version for your desktops.

Check out the "Swimsuit" version of this commission!

K/DA POP/STARS swimsuit version commission by Ganassa

Mature Content

K/DA POP/STARS nude version commission by Ganassa
K/DA POP/STARS blacklight version commission by Ganassa

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© 2019 - 2020 Ganassa
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1st they looks alluring X3
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The song itself was in that Beat Saber game. :)
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The VR Rythimic Game?
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That's the one. :)
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Awesome work. They look smoking hot.
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Thanks again!
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At this moment i accept only suggestion!
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Awesome Work
Ruby Rose x Weiss Schnee: White Rose.
Ruby x Weiss: White Rose.
Blake Belladonna x Yang Xiao Long: Bumbleby.
Blake x Yang: Bumbleby.
Blake Belladonna x Weiss Schnee: Monochrome.
Blake x Weiss: Monochrome.
Ruby Rose x Blake Belladonna: Ladybug or Black Rose.
Ruby x Blake: Ladybug or Black Rose.
Weiss Schnee x Yang Xiao Long: Freezerburn.
Weiss x Yang: Freezerburn.
Yang Xiao Long x Ruby Rose: Enabler or Strawberry Sunrise.
Yang x Ruby: Enabler or Strawberry Sunrise.
Ilia Amitola x Ruby Rose: Red Chameleon.
Ilia x Ruby: Red Chameleon.
Ilia Amitola x Weiss Schnee: White Chameleon.
Ilia x Weiss: White Chameleon.
Ilia Amitola x Blake Belladonna: Black Chameleon.
Ilia x Blake: Black Chameleon.
Ilia Amitola x Yang Xiao Long: Yellow Chameleon.
Ilia x Yang: Yellow Chameleon.
My Favorite Rwby Character is Ruby Rose.
My Favorite Rwby Character is Weiss Schnee.
My Favorite Rwby Character is Blake Belladonna.
My Favorite Rwby Character is Yang Xiao Long.
My Favorite Rwby Character is Ilia Amitola.
My Favorite Rwby Character is Maria Calavera.
I Don't Give Shit That Fanbase Says or They Think.
I Fucking Hated Adam Taurus so much for his Actions and Crime.
He is the my Worst Rwby Character of All Time.
I'm Happy That Adam Taurus finally Gone For Good this time by Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long.
Karmic Death.
Hoist of His Own Petard.
Death by Ironic.
I Love RWBY Volume 6.
I Love RWBY Volume 1.
I Love RWBY Volume 2.
I Love RWBY Volume 3.
I Fucking Hated Rwby Volume 4.
I Fucking Hated Rwby Volume 5.
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Kimcartoon and KissAnime
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wtf are you spamming????
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Work Ganassa
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