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Dc Comics - Zatanna

A nice commission of Zatanna, a lovely character of the DC Universe!

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Wow, really great work on this piece! Very confident and sexy, you really have an eye for character modeling
ZekeEugene's avatar
Somewhere, John Constantine's hiding......
Aniki35's avatar
I love Zatanna.
CrystalGhost's avatar
Fucking love Zatanna. I hope she gets another solo series.
privateskittles285's avatar
colors look good  im glad shes in the injustice game
bagman87's avatar
This looks simply wonderful, would love to see an erotic pin-up of her by you. Do you have any plans for that in the future? Either way thank you.
xNightWolfex's avatar
I love this Zatannas so hot!
now she might be in trouble if some of her magic goes wrong and she gets wrapped up before being pulled into her hat
bmarcel85's avatar
great work, such vibrant colors...
DoomBerryArt's avatar
because she's a stage magician, I think she's one of the few characters in DC whose costume in our world would basically look the same, that is, somewhat 'realistic'. Somewhat. Love her either way. <3
Madpredator's avatar
Madpredator's avatar
I wish she would be that sexy!!!!
dpoolhimom's avatar
she looks amazing.
KalEl7's avatar
amazing :) great detail especially on the legs
franko9's avatar
I love this picture
Fan01's avatar
Not a big Zatanna fan, but that doesn't mean i don't enjoy art of her.

Have any pics of her with the male Doctor Light in the works?
fancando's avatar
You are really good! This is a great Zatanna pic!
12kings's avatar
shes awesome
PhantomHourglass's avatar
a work of greatness
really nice work

have any of you guys watched the "Young Justice" Series it that Earth Zatanna is a man
it is a very funny site
Seaview123's avatar
Excellent work!
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