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Daenerys - 3rd promo

Third fan art i made of "Game of Thrones"'s Daenerys. This is a promo of the Hentai United version, the original is more explicit.


First Promo

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Myuzoyuki's avatar
tonight I will see your face :3
woohoo. plot summary of "Game of Thrones" season one :D
jhroberts's avatar
gah! where's the rest?
bushidodemon's avatar
Seems like something else should be going on underneath, great work!
GeniusFetus's avatar
You're a machine Ganassa!
kaze26's avatar
mtmusp's avatar
nice, thanks
DeadCobra's avatar
i would soooo pew pew dat assssssssssssssssssss
bozodeathgod's avatar
mother of boners...

mahboi18's avatar
is this on Hentai-foundry?
Levia-the-Dragon's avatar
Mm, definately something going on here...
penerotic's avatar
I'm sort of envious of your style. How you can keep so loose and yet so precise.
I'd love to see you do a layer breakdown.
DuilioGiordano's avatar
I wana see the second fan art (you posted first and third), and i want to see the original version of this one =P
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amazon211's avatar
Huh. I didn't expect a Game of Thrones fan art from you, Ganassa. As a request, can you do fan art of Mileena?
bastler's avatar
White hair, purple eyes according to the books.
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