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Cara Dune Commission

Hi there!!! Who loved the Mandalorian? Here a beautiful Cara Dune!

This piece is already available on my Prints Poster store! ->…

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"I was on the Death Star!"

"Which one?"

"You think you're funny?"

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I really hope they write her character out in a good way rather then recasting it or even through it under the bus (IE killing her off off-screen or some shit). Because honestly, Gina was one of the few if not the only person who could play that role, and she made it her own. Its a crying shame what Disney did but they've been ruining Star Wars since before the latest trilogy so, it wasn't a huge surprise.

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Because it IS her own. All of the characters played by Gina Carano are written AFTER she was already contracted. She only ever plays one role and that's herself. But knowing how petty hollywood is, it wouldn't surprise me if they recast her just to piss people off.

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Agreed. But then Hollywood had always had petty people. Alot of them actors! Lol

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I want her to dominate me.

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I love her character too bad she was fired!

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Great actress. Great character. Actual badass woman.

Damn Kathleen Kennedy and damn Disney for throwing Gina under the bus.

Que buena imagen

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So far I am disgusted with what DISNEY did with this actress, she and a really strong, beautiful and independent woman, but because she doesn't agree with the SJW agenda, and because she is on the right she was persecuted and marginalized. Worse, the same women who call themselves feminists are chasing and bullying her, that's disgusting!

Hasta ahora estoy disgustado con lo que ha hecho DISNEY con esta actriz, ella y una mujer realmente fuerte, hermosa e independiente, pero como no está de acuerdo con la agenda de SJW, y porque está de derecha fue perseguida y marginada. Peor aún, las mismas mujeres que se hacen llamar feministas la persiguen e intimidan, ¡eso es repugnante!

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I do also recall the "ANTI SJWs" marginalizing and getting mad at her, calming she was a part of the SJW agenda when she was originally added to the show

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This lie is getting tiresome. People had a bad first impression of her character because at first glance it seemed to fit the fammiliar pattern. It had nothing to do with Gina herself, or the role she was given. It was a distrust of the writers. One that we warned will eventually happen, years ago: the overabundance of "strong female characters" would eventually make fans paranoid of any and all major female characters. They were HAPPY to be proven wrong.

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I didn't understand, are you anti or pro SJW? And in favor of the extreme left or against?

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Thank you, I remember a-holes complaining about her character showing up in the show.

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False. See my comment above.

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good riddance! the more i see of these cult of trump types coming to carano's defense the more i'm glad her ass got fired.

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I feel pity for your type of individual because you only look at the intermediate without realizing what it leads to in the future.

But I guess some people have to learn the hard way.

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and what exactly will the firing of corano by Disney lead into as far as the future goes huh? a zombie apacalypse? but all that said i really appreciate your sympathy, really i do.

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It should be known that Pedro Pascal did the same thing as her on Twitter, just through a liberal lens.

Right now, cancel culture is wielded by America's definition of Left leaning politics. If the istaphobes use one of their words, usually because they decide you have the wrong opinion, they will force you to apologize for wrong think or "edgy" takes/opinions.

Remove them. Ban them. Fire them. Take your pick.

But when the pendulum swings, and the American right gains the power once more (and I'm not talking an isolated anomaly like Trump) they can turn around and use it on the other side. Disney's ceo has stated that he "doesn't see Disney as political in leaning", but that's an outright lie.

Can someone hold different opinions than the progressives? Can they tolerate a different view than the world they perceive around them?

People praising firings like that of Gina Carano aren't thinking critically.

There is no end "victory", only conflict and ruin by one method or the other.

Who cares what she said? Why should we care? I only shake my head.

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Disney is a private company and also a brand. if you’re an actor who works for Disney then you in a de facto manner are a public figure who becomes part of that brand. With that comes a certain amount of personal responsibility especially in this age of social media and hyper partisan politics. She’s still free to say whatever and to whoever she wants but there‘s gonna be a certain amount of employers out there who won’t want her working for them and that’s their right.

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Yes. Disney is free to fire whoever they want to protect their bottom line while they kiss china's ass and support putting people into concentration camps.

I, as a private indicidual, am free to not give them any of my money, and instead support provate companies that aren't utter shit. Let me guess. "bUt i tOuGhT TrUmPiStS WeRe aGaInSt cAnCeL CuLtUrE!!!1!!" Say it. I heard every single bullshit agrument by disney shills already.

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if Disney didn't own Marvel and Star Wars i wouldn't pay a bit of attenetion to anything Disney does from a business or entertainment stand point so i'm certainly no "disney shill". but most importantly i've heard plenty of arguements coming from right wing trump shills already and it just makes carano's firing that much more validating. outside of that i could care less what you think.

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