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The CheesePie Family: Next Generation

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                                                     EDIT: This picture is no longer 100% canon!

Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich reunited a few years after the "Goof Off" event when Cheese decided to visit Ponyville again. In fact, he had been wanting to return for some time for one reason only: that pink little pony who helped him discover himself. When the two met up, sparks flew. The two became serious shortly after Cheese's return and after the two decided to join forces and become the best party planners in Equestria. Pinkie, having an established life in Ponyville, remained a local party planner, while Cheese continued to be a travel party planner, but this time he had a home base. The two ponies ran their party planning business for a couple years from Sugarcube Corner, then fate decided to bless the two ponies. Once when Cheese left for a far off event, Pinkie found out she was pregnant. Pinkie never got to tell Cheese about her condition until many moons later: for the entire pregnancy, Pinkie resided at the Tasty Treat with her dear friend Saffron Massala because Pinkie constantly craved the spicy exotic food. On the day of the birth, Saffron helped her pink friend through the ordeal. Pinkie quickly returned to Ponyville with her new filly to find Cheese frantically searching for his pink love. Obviously the foal was a shock to Cheese, but he embraced his child and never wanted to let go. The two raised their daughter Pinni in their tiny apartment; however upon learning of Pinkie's second pregnancy, the two decided to move their home to a small house where they could raise their growing family and run their party planning business. Cheese still serves as a traveling party planner; however with his two daughters he is usually only a day away at the most. Pinkie also still serves as the local party planner while being a full time mother to Pinni and their little Razzleberry.

I am pony shipping trash. Between drawing for Vindhov's contest and secretly following some amazing MLP Next Generation artists, I decided to try my hand at drawing my MLP ships and next generations. 

First up is Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich. I love this ship: I shipped them since "Pinkie Pride" and I will go down with the ship. For their next generations, I present Pinni (middle, un-amused pony) and Razzleberry (the only pegasus) I'll most likely provide references, but for now some information on these two:

Pinni (Pie)
Species: Earth Pony
Pinni is the first daughter of Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich. She looks like her parents, but that is pretty much where the similarities end. Named after the Indian dessert Pinkie craved the most while pregnant, Pinni, the purple haired filly developed a taste for savory cuisine, especially her aunt Saffron's cooking. Growing up, Pinni would sneak out and visit Aunt Saffron to both eat her cooking and learn how to cook such wonderfully rich food. Although Pinkie and Cheese did not mind her daughter's interests in food, they did mind that their daughter did not take after them as party planners. This especially upset Pinkie who wanted her daughter to assist her at work. Most of the time, Pinni barely helped her mother; however as she got older, Pinni began realizing her talent was not in party planning, and thus began refusing to aid her mother at all. Pinni acquired her cutie mark, a paisley shaped pinni, after helping her Aunt Saffron. Pinni knew she had to leave Ponyville in order to pursue her dream: becoming a chef of worldly cuisine. This did not go too well with her parents, especially Pinkie so stubbornly refused to let her daughter leave. However with her father's blessing, Pinni left Ponyville and traveled all around Equestria for a few years, learning to cook everything and anything. Currently she moved back to Ponyville to open her own restaurant and catering business where she hopes to expose her community to cuisine from around Equestria.

Cutie Mark/Special Talent: Paisley-shaped Pinni. The mark is more symbolic of Pinni's passion for cooking exotic cuisine and learning the culture surrounding the food. Pinni acquired the mark after serving her first dish to a customer at the Tasty Treat.  


Razzleberry (Pie)
Species: Pegasus
Razzleberry is the second daughter of Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich. While her sister Pinni seems to be the opposite of her parents, Razzleberry is their clone. After helping her mother and father plan a party, Razzleberry knew instantly she wanted to entertain people and bring smiles. Razzleberry makes friends with everyone she sees (much like her mother) and knows how to entertain every pony, whether through comedy, dancing, drama, etcetera. Although still in school, Razzleberry constantly helps her parents plan parties both in Ponyville and across Equestria. Razzleberry acquired her cutie mark, an explosion of a raspberry and blueberries, after bringing entertainment to a simple farm stand, proving to herself and Ponyville that this colorful and bubbly filly was truly the daughter of Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich. Currently, Razzleberry still goes to school, eagerly waiting the day she can join her parents in making ponies smile.

Cutie Mark/Special Talent: Raspberries and blueberries in a sort of explosion. The mark reflects both Razzleberry's name and also her ability to bring smiles to ponies such as fireworks do. Razzleberry's special talent is knowing how and making ponies smile, whether that is through comedy, drama, parties, dancing, smashing fruit, etc.

So there you have it! Btw, this was also good drawing practice for me. ;)


Pinni & Razzleberry NG characters (c) :iconganashiashaka:
Cheese Sandwich & Pinkie Pie (c) Hasboro

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Pinni still takes after her parents somewhat. Cooking is awesome!
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I ship this as well!! Amazing art as always :D (Big Grin)  Heart  Razzleberry is my favourite!
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Thank you! :3 And Razzle was definitely one my more favorites to design. I wanted to pick a unique pie, and a razzleberry pie is certainly unique, even though it is just raspberries and blueberries in the same pie!
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This is really interesting and well thought out! I hope you write more stories like this! :love:
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Thank you! And I have many other ships, so I am hoping to draw more! :meow:
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I see Razzleberry inherited Great-Granny Pie's wings (presumably, going off the common fanon that Surprise is Pinkie's grandmother).
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You are correct! I was hoping someone would catch that! :)
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