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Dawnverse: The Crystal Royal Family

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Next in my Dawnverse canon, the Crystal Royal Family! Only a few more headcanons to go haha

No major changes here: just a few new mane styles. I also gave Flurry Heart a temporary cutie mark: I am trying to stay somewhat to the show canon, and I don't know what they are planning with Flurry Heart, so yea.

Below is some information on the Crystal Royal Family:

Prince Consort Shining Armor Sparkle:
After his magical marriage to Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, Shining Armor became Prince Consort to the Crystal Empire. In doing so, the unicorn relinquished his position as the Captain of the Royal Guard so that he may fulfill his duties to the Crystal Empire. Within only a few years, Prince Consort Shining Armor and Princess Cadence both saved and rebuilt the once forgotten empire, as well as welcomed an alicorn foal named Princess Flurry Heart, something unseen in any pony's lifetime. More years went by with Shining performing both royal duties and those relating to the Crystal Guard, taking the position of captain. Shining even joined in welcoming a Pillar of Equestria, the famous StarSwirl the Bearded, into his castle. However, the powerful unicorn seemed more interested in learning more about Princess Flurry Heart than the return and rebuilding of the Crystal Empire. Weary at first, Shining watched the unicorn carefully, wondering what the powerful wizard was thinking. Eventually StarSwirl's intentions became known: he desired Shining and Princess Cadence to produce another alicorn foal. At first Shining refused to even think of the request; however, on the insistence of his wife, Shining agreed to have another child to try and produce another alicorn. Shining watched as Princess Cadence became pregnant again, her energy fleeting with every passing day. Shining merely broke down on the day of their second foal's birth since all he could see was his wife teetering on the edge of death, even with her alicorn strength. After a grueling labor, Shining and Princess Cadence welcomed a pegasus colt, not the alicorn StarSwirl was eagerly expecting. When the powerful unicorn heard of the foal's birth, he simply shrugged it off and requested that Shining and Princess Cadence simply try again to better prove his theories. In a furious rage, Shining commanded that StarSwirl leave the Crystal Empire, claiming that his wife was not a means of simply birthing foals. After StarSwirl left the Crystal Empire, Shining and Princess Cadence welcomed their new colt, Shining Breeze. 

As a father, Shining faced raising two royal foals, one a magical miracle, and the other with an unknown place within a family of powerful magical beings. Shining takes his role as father seriously, although he left most of the chores with his daughter for either Princess Cadence or a royal tutor: this left plenty of time for either work or with his son. Shining more often than not chose work since he felt he could never relate well enough to his son. Although both stallions shared similar names, they could not be more different from each other: where Shining Armor excelled in sports and charm, Shining Breeze lacked the physique to do more than sit behind a desk and count numbers, his favorite hobby. Although Shining Armor could never really relate to either of his children as they grew up, he always made time to hear about their day and to be there if either royal child needed their father.

Fun Facts:
    - Shining is a romantic at heart: he loves cheesy romance novels, thinks of all the ideas for dates, and even surprises his wife with tacky ursa major teddy bears and balloons. Shining is also quite protective of his wife, not even letting his children get in the way of loving his wife.
    - Although considered a jock in the present day, Shining considered himself 100% nerdy as a teenager with his love for comic books and D&D.
    - Shining gave up his title as Captain of the Royal Guard a few years after the birth of his daughter, relinquishing the job to Commander Tempest, at the request of his sister Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Princess Mi Amore Cadenza:
After Celestia discovered Princess Cadence's blood relation to Princess Amore, the Princess of Love was sent to rule the reemerged Crystal Empire in the hope of rebuilding the once proud city-state. Princess Cadence also surprised Equestria in birthing an alicorn, something unheard of since Celestia and Luna themselves. Princess Cadence seemed to embody a new dawn in Equestria, a humbling idol, although the new Crystal Princess would never acknowledge the pedestal idolization from her ponies. Princess Cadence loved her crystal ponies with no doubt; however, the once pegasus pony never truly wanted epic fame or special treatments even with her alicorn status: she simply wanted a partner to love and a family to call her own since she lost hers in her infancy. Princess Cadence ruled over the Crystal Empire while raising her daughter Princess Flurry Heart when one day the Pillar of Equestria Starswirl the Bearded requested a stay at her Crystal Castle. Although her Prince Consort Shining Armor refused at first, Princess Cadence revered the ancient powerful unicorn, and so welcomed StarSwirl into her kingdom. StarSwirl remaiend at the Crystal Castle for quite sometime, spending most of his time with both Cadence and Flurry Heart, eager to learn more about their status as alicorns since neither existed before StarSwirl sent himself to limbo. Days turned into months, and even with everything Princess Cadence told the powerful unicorn, StarSwirl remained curious. One day, out of the blue, StarSwirl approached the royal couple with a request to produce another child in the hopes of another alicorn. Although Shining refused, Princess Cadence eventually convinced her husband to agree, the princess herself eager to both learn more about alicorns and to help her idol. After months of physical and mental exhaustion even beyond the creation of an alicorn foal, Princess Cadence painfully delivered a small pegasus colt. Princess Cadence was too exhausted to know what ever happened to StarSwirl, for once she came through a few days after the birth, the powerful unicorn apparently left the Crystal Castle. Although disheartened in disappointing her idol, Princess Cadence warmed to her new son Shining Breeze. 

As a mother, Princess Cadence shares her love tremendously with her partner and children. However, royal duty seems to triumph over quality family time, the Crystal Princess often missing moments with her son to either lead her ponies or teach her daughter, the alicorn heir, everything she may need to know for the future. Despite her lack of time with her son, she loves doting on the pegasus, seeing more of old self in her son as supposed to her daughter. 

Fun Facts:
    - Princess Mi Amore Cadenza is a great-great-great-great-great-great-great granddaughter of Princess Amore, the original Crystal Princess. Princess Cadence is also of an incredible distant relation to Princess Celestia, being a decedent of a long passed child of the sun alicorn.
    - Princess Cadence was originally an orphaned pegasus who spent her days alone at an orphanage outside of Canterlot. Princess Celestia requested that the pegasus filly be placed within the Royal Castle in Canterlot, knowing the potential of her decendent.
    - Princess Cadence embodies the magic of all forms of love: "Eros, Philia, Storge, Ludus, Pragma, Philautia, Agape, and even Mania."…
    - Princess Cadence never fully recovered from the birth of Princess Flurry Heart, which made the pregnancy of Shining Breeze incredibly dangerous to both mare and foal. After the birth of Shining Breeze, multiple doctors, and even Princess Celestia herself, told the Princess of Love to never again have children.

Princess Nuova Speranza "Flurry Heart":</span>
Princess Nuova Speranza "Flurry Heart" is the eldest and only daughter of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Prince Consort Shining Armor. The birth of Princess Flurry Heart shook Equestria, especially the alicorn royalty who never witnessed the birth of an alicorn. What most ponies theorized about the alicorn birth was that this foal was a new hope for both the Crystal Empire, and Equestria as a whole, even if their new hope almost caused the destruction of the Crystal Empire in blowing up the Crystal Heart. Regardless, Princess Flurry Heart served as a new force into the Crystal Royal Castle, both to new parents Princess Cadence and Prince Consort Shining Armor, and to a curious and powerful unicorn named StarSwirl. Once the Pillar of Equestria heard of both Princess and Cadence, the ancient unicorn traveled to the Crystal Empire to study the alicorns, especially Princess Flurry Heart. Princess Flurry Heart herself does not remember the powerful unicorn being so fascinated with her, nor does she remember his insistence on giving the young princess a new brother: all the alicorn foal remembers is the love and adoration of her crystal pony subjects over their new princess, and the little foal absorbed it all. As Princess Flurry Heart grew up, the alicorn princess took her title seriously, the alicorn believing she was truly a magical miracle sent from fate to be beloved. Princess Flurry Heart gained the attention of her mother, her tutors, her "friends", and especially her crystal ponies, and eventually the admiration remained in the young alicorn's mind, resulting in a spoiled princess. Of course Princess Flurry Heart is kind and virtuous; however, her entitlement went beyond anything her family ever felt as "lesser royals": her mother was changed into an alicorn, not born one, and her father and brother would never experience alicorn power. As a born alicorn, how could she expect anything different, thought Princess Flurry Heart. Her entitlement and attitude of royalty leads the young alicorn to go beyond her means, such as spending money frivolously on jewelry and parties (much to the annoyance of her brother), attending parties and shows while shirking royal lessons and duties, and even commanding proper titles uttered by her subjects. Princess Flurry Heart does feel compassion and warmth towards others; however, her lavish spending, care-free living, and even arrogance may one day lead the young alicorn towards a harsh reality...

Fun Facts:
    - Princess Flurry Heart's official royal name is "Princess Nuova Speranza", reflecting her status as an alicorn of hope.
    - Princess Flurry Heart enjoys the ballet and opera, so much so she insisted on paying for a brand new crystal theatre using funds from the royal treasury (aka taxes).
    - Princess Flurry Heart is almost always wearing some form of jewelry. 
    - As a young alicorn royal princess, Princess Flurry Heart faces many suitors in her day, ranging from love letters to in-pony confessions of love. For now, the princess feels too important to marry any common, or even semi-royal stallion. 

Prince Shining Breeze:
Prince Shining Breeze is the only son of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Prince Consort Shining Armor. Unlike his powerful and beloved alicorn sister, Breeze was born an scrawny pegasus among a family of magical power. Although he was seen as a disappointment to StarSwirl, Princess Cadence and Shining Armor loved and welcomed their son into the family. Being the youngest royal child and an "average" pony at best, Breeze grew up in the shadow of his sister, sometimes quite literally. With both parents busy running a kingdom and alicorn princess, Breeze often found himself alone in the large Crystal Royal Castle. The pegasus colt did not take this abandonment personally: instead, he embraced the silence by exploring his interests in numbers. Breeze wandered the Crystal Royal Castle halls alone as a young colt, often counting the crystal bundles and tiles on the floor for entertainment. Breeze also interacted with the staff of the castle, often volunteering to help out making beds or polishing candelabras. As Breeze grew older, his parents realized that the pegasus still harbored the leaner physique of his infancy: the pegasus was a scrawny beanstalk compared to his sturdy father or agile mother. Princess Cadence and Shining tried everything to build up their son, from sports to extra meals; however, Breeze remained lean. Clearly the young pegasus prince was not meant to join the royal guard, or even lead a kingdom according to some ponies. All of this may have worried his parents and even other ponies, but this did not upset Breeze: he did not like physical excursion anyway since all he wanted was to count numbers. Breeze was able to showcase his true talents with numbers when he came across the Crystal Royal Castle Treasurer who showed the scrawny pegasus there were more ways to be useful in the royal family other than brute power. Breeze even gained his cutie mark while watching the treasurer work. Breeze spent the remainder of his colthood in the shadow of his powerful royal family, the pegasus prince perfectly content with his ledger books by candlelight and maybe even being the "spare heir".

Fun Facts:
    - Unlike his sister and mother, Prince Shining Breeze does not have an official royal name.
    - Although equipped with his own royal guards, Breeze has the freedom to leave the Crystal Royal Castle without an escort, often flying to either his Aunt Princess Twilight Sparkle's castle, his grandparent's home in Canterlot, or even on whirlwind adventures with Amethyst Swirl.
    - Breeze does not share the physique or athleticism of his father. Shinning Armor tried to bring out the athlete in his son through sports when the pink stallion was a small colt; however, the pink stallion only seemed to get bruises when playing sports with his dad.
    - Breeze is the nerd stereotype: the prince is almost blind without his glasses, he loves playing puzzle games, and the pegasus constantly stumbles over his own hooves.
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