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Lay Down With me_Sasusaku

By Ganamade
hehe a little more of sakura and sasuke... in reality i want her to punch him in the face for leaving, but i love drawing them
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X3 sakura looks soo awesome !!! :love: i really love her face !! :iconheheplz:
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So cute. :love: Well done. :clap:
Megillien's avatar
Gorgeous lineart!
asha3's avatar
may I color this??? pleasee???
Ganamade's avatar
AH! Please! That would such an honor! As long as you let me see it when you are done! haha
have fun~
asha3's avatar
Thank youu ^^

It's here [link]
Violetphantasy's avatar
Beautiful and very touching. <3 It feels so emotional and intense.

I definitely agree with wanting to punch Sasuke. He's being such an idiot right now. D: I love him, and yet I hate him.
AdkaPhotography's avatar
I love your sexy and full of promises...wonderful! Please, never stop drawing (especially SasuSaku:)
Ganamade's avatar
wow! thanks so much for the wonderful comment! it means so much to me! and i promise not to stop! EVER!~ oh! and thanks for the watch as well! you are great~
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thanks so much!~
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I love your drawing!!!! *wwww*

your style is fantastic ^w^
Ganamade's avatar
thanks so much! i am glad you like it!!
Rosse-Uchiha's avatar
you're welcome!!!! *______*
iknomyabcdsn123s's avatar
for some reason i love art that looks like they want to rip eachothers clothes off, i favorite them all lol, this is reall intense....OMG I KNOW SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH, look at this avatar pic....[link] thats sexyyyyy lmao :) we have to hang out soon!
Ganamade's avatar
haha i know that pic, and yea i did laugh! and i know what you mean about the cloth ripping thinG! I <3 IT TOO!! we will hang soon
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sexy-sasusaku-girl's avatar
WoW this is sooooo beautiful!
Maquenda's avatar
aww thats so pretty <:3

moar please :U
Ganamade's avatar
sure thing! i am glad you like it. more sasusaku or do you like anything else??
Maquenda's avatar
lol more sasusaku >:3
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