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Lazy Fox is Lazy by thrumyeye Lazy Fox is Lazy :iconthrumyeye:thrumyeye 1,331 45 :RRA::Inktober: Day 2 by anti-social-DEMON :RRA::Inktober: Day 2 :iconanti-social-demon:anti-social-DEMON 2 6 and finally Bronwyn by cookiecreation and finally Bronwyn :iconcookiecreation:cookiecreation 89 2
Creepypasta x Demon Male Reader
Okay guys so I hadn't planned on doing this but I got it as a special request from a good friend and decided to do it. He said he didn't care about the pairing as long as it wasn't any gender bent characters. So I'm once again going to let you all decide on the pairing.
P.O.V. [Name]
I was walking down the streets of a new town that I had come to. Nothing really stood out about this place. It wasn't anything special and nothing really seemed to happen.
However recently there's been several murders in the town. I can't really say I'm surprised. People can only take so much before they snap.
At the moment I was staying in a house that was abandoned. It was on the edge of town and no one ever bothered me. I didn't plan on staying very long just until I got some information.
Then I'd leave and go somewhere else. Hopefully I'd find what I was looking and this ridiculous chase could be over. I was so tired of him running from me.
After all we're family we're supposed to meet every so often.
:iconmetrofairy:MetroFairy 56 23
Iris [Eyeless Jack/Reader] Preview
Note: Based off of “Eyeless Jack” by Azelf5000. I thought “Iris” was a good name for a title, because it’s part of the eye and a genus of mantis, which are known for cannibalism. Contains some slight Mitch/reader as well.
“I am beyond grateful to you,” Mitch told his brother as the three of you laid sprawled around the living room. Edwin smiled but then grimaced, rubbing his sore arm. All three of you felt sore. It had taken a good part of a week to assist your new housemate in unpacking.
“And you too, man,” he added, playfully punching you in the arm. “After my house foreclosed, I thought I was going to have to move back in with Mom and Dad.”  
Now it was your turn to grimace. Ed was actually Mitch’s half-brother, although he looked more like a slightly older version of him, and you suspected he may have been the product of an affair. His brother’s mom wanted nothing to do with him and tried to k
:iconoctarinepegacorn:OctarinePegacorn 9 0
Deadpool x Male!Reader Chapter 1: Ask me then
Finally, tomorrow is the week-end ! You entered your apartment after a long tiring day of work. After throwing your tie and your shoes somewhere, you entered your living room and laid down on your couch. Sighing and allowing yourself to relax, you thought that it would be great idea to watch a movie before going to bed...
« Can I join ? »
You jumped on your feet with a girly scream.
« Woah I thought it was a male reader insert, not a female one ! » a voice behind you chuckled
Turning around you saw Wade Wilson A.K.A Deadpool behind your couch with his elbows on it.
« Wade ! What the f- »he cut you with a finger on your mouth which made you slightly blushed.
« Shh ! The author tries to not write something with mature content !»
« What ?! »
« You know the mature content with the strong langage thing, even though I wouldn't mind a specific one » he wiggled his eyebrows behind his mask « sadly the author would never write one
:icongriseldaroseberry:GriseldaRoseberry 51 15
Hunter!Nordics X Dragon!Reader: Fractured Pt.1
The wind slipped underneath you as you glided through the grey skies.  The cool winter air felt great against your beautiful white scales.  Next to you flew your siblings.  Katyusha was the oldest, followed by Ivan, then you, then Natalia.  
Katyusha was a beautiful blue dragon whose kindness could not be compared to.  She looked after our small family in a motherly way.  Though she can be a bit of a scaredy cat sometimes.  She would always go out of her way to protect us.  Her human form was a bit top heavy, but it came in handy when buying supplies.  It seems that she was always able to lower the prices, so none of us complained.  
Ivan was a big dragon.  Yeah, no one wanted to mess with him.  He had light purple scales, and also cared very much for his family.  Although when Natalia got too close, he would distance himself for a while.  But if she wasn't pushing it, he would welcome her with open arms.  He wa
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 360 22
Here to Stay (Team Free Will x Reader)
A/N: Reader's gender not specified. Some swearing.
You quietly opened the door to the bunker and peered inside, hoping that Sam and Dean weren't around. Thankfully, the place was empty, so you slunk inside with your arms full of a cardboard box. Castiel walked in behind you, closing the door.
“What are we going to do with them, (y/n)?” he asked, staring at the box that you carried.
“Sh!” you reminded him. “If Sam and Dean see-”
“See what, (y/n)?” a voice asked as a light in the library turned on.
“Crap,” you managed to say, turning around to see Dean leaning in the archway to the Men of Letters' library, arms crossed and brow raised. “Um, hi?”
“Oh, no. You aren't getting off that easy. Where have the two of you been for the past three hours?” he asked crossly, turning his gaze to Cas.
“Sorry,” the angel replied automatically. “We were-”
“-nowhere!” you butted i
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 120 54
Norway X Dragon!Reader: Hello Old Friend 4
Hello Old Friend
Chapter Four: A New Life

It had been about five weeks now since Sigurd and you had found each other again, and you couldn’t be happier.
Since the other four countries had gone back to their own homes after a couple days, it had just been you and Sigurd for a while. The two of you hadn’t been doing much other than lounging around in his massive back yard, or inside when you could shift down into a human form, and you loved every minute of it.
The two of you had grown closer and closer with each passing day, and now you just couldn’t imagine how you handled all those hundreds of years away from your beloved friend, and Sigurd had voiced several times that he felt the same.
Currently, you were relaxing in the cool grass in the back yard once again, enjoying the shade of the tall trees and the warm breeze that gently blew through the air. Sigurd had gone into town to go food shopping, and you would have tagged along if you felt more comforta
:icondeidarascryingangel:DeidarasCryingAngel 79 19
Norway X Dragon!Reader: Hello Old Friend 3
Hello Old Friend
Chapter Three:
Together again

It was almost odd waking up the next morning, with Sigurd curled up against your neck and his friends sitting around by your tail, talking amongst themselves as they sit beside a small fire they had made. Sigurd is still fast asleep, despite the wonderful smell of cooking food and fire in the air, it had certainly woken you up.
Having not moved from your sleeping position all through the night, your whole body, though mainly your legs, is aching badly. So, though you’d rather not wake your Norwegian companion, you stand slowly and stretch out your legs.
The movement causes Sigurd to fall back against the ground, as he had been leaning against your neck. He grunts and opens his eyes slowly, just staring blankly up at the sky for a long moment before starting to sit up, his own body aching just as yours had. He doesn’t seem to register that you’re actually there as he starts to stand, only to fall back when he los
:icondeidarascryingangel:DeidarasCryingAngel 155 34
Norway X Dragon!Reader: Hello Old Friend 2
                          Hello Old Friend
            Chapter Two: Bittersweet Reunion

Sigurd gasps as he sits up, breathing hard as he stares wide-eyed at the side of the tent before him. He pants hard for a moment, sweat gathering on his forehead from the horrid nightmare he had just had, trying to remember where he is, because he’s obviously not in his bed. It takes a moment, but soon he begins to remember and thinks to himself;
‘Camping.. We’re on a camping trip, that’s right.’
The man, or rather the country begins to calm down and lays back against his pillow for a few more minutes, thinking over the horrid dream and trying to make sense of why he had had it now, he hadn’t had a dream about,.. Her, in years.
Maybe it was being back in these old forests that brought those memories back. That had to be it. Soon, he gets up and quick
:icondeidarascryingangel:DeidarasCryingAngel 238 79
Everlasting Friendship |America x Dog! Reader|
Your eyes snapped open at the sound of your owner, Alfred, pouring food in your bowl. Leaping to your paws, you go to investigate. Alfred seems surprised when he sees you, placing the bag of puppy chow back on the counter and laughing. He kneels down to your height and opens his arm, beckoning you to them. Which you happily oblige. 
"Hey, {y/n}! I see your awake early!" he wraps an arm around your wriggling {b/c} body and uses his free hand to scratch your head. "Arthur, Matthieu and I are going down to the beach today, wanna come with? They allow dogs!" he asks, well aware of your lack of speech. Indicating yes, you wriggle closer and lick his face. Your tail wags as he laughs and releases you.
Alfred stands back up and places your food bowl down on the ground.
"Well eat up, {y/n} and then we'll leave!" With that, Alfred walks out of the kitchen, leaving you to your bowl of fresh food.
The only thing you loved more than treats, was the wind in your fur.  Even at the middle o
:iconymurica:ymurica 116 42


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