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I'm a slow updater/uploader when it comes to this since; I'm insecure about what people going to think of my Writing/Arting style.

Darkiplier Stamp by TheYamiClaxia Antisepticeye Stamp by TheYamiClaxia Wilford Warfstache Stamp by TheYamiClaxia Darkiplier Stamp 2 by TheYamiClaxia

Woman that knows by Claire-stamps Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness Internet Addict - SafariSyd by stamps-club Female gamer - Anajrob by stamps-club


Free to Ask by pjuk

:iconnotrades::iconnokiribans: No ACEOs by SweetDuke


My Blood related family


What is an Artist? by Neikoish Anime Freak Stamp by auniquebaka Female Gamer by kiddietyte

Anime Is Art by sambees It's my art stamp by minas-stamps dA bdays stamp by mxlove Not allowed by pjuk The Bed by pjuk I Love Magic by pjuk
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Devil May Cry 1-4 (classic)


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Punk!EnglandXReader - Nothing
Punk!EnglandXReader - Nothing
( A/N: This is the second part to: This is also told in Arthur’s POV. Thanks for reading.)
“Just, no, you know what?” I looked at her as she gave me a slight glare. I didn’t say anything, I didn’t know what to say honestly, “No I’m going home, don’t try and stop me. It’s for the best, just leave me alone for a while will ya?”
What? (Name) what are you saying? The words never reached my voice and I stood there as she rushed past me.
Snapping out of it I hastily reach to grab her arm, but she pulls away and out of my reach, “(Name)!” I hiss under my breath and try to snatch at her again. But she was gone, running down the hall. I should have ran after her. Hell, I should have screamed at her and shook the answer out of her. God only knows she won
:iconkay-love-pain17:Kay-Love-Pain17 30 12
Punk!EnglandXReader - Distance
Punk!EnglandXReader – Distance
I sighed heavily, my gaze focusing on him in the reflection of the window. This was the best way I could keep an eye on him without him getting pissy about it. He’s never always been like this, but over the years we’ve somewhat grown apart as friends, but that can never change how I feel about him. Oh, heavens no, I could never stop loving him.
But even now, in the early morning of class, Arthur sat sleeping on his desk dreaming about god knows what. But whatever it was, maybe a pretty girl or a ticket out of this hell whole, he had a small smile growing on his face.
It was the middle of spring, and all I could think about is how at the beginning of the year, Arthur was quiet the little gentleman. But something changed and he turned into a ravenous punk. He seemed to like his new personality, it fit him better.
I’ve known Arthur for as long as I could remember, he and I go way back. As we got older, now both of
:iconkay-love-pain17:Kay-Love-Pain17 51 12
EnglandXReader - Invisible
She’d watch from a far, in the back of class or on the other side of the room with a cold palm pressed to her cheek in a sad, vulgar daze of peace. The world she sat in now didn’t exist in her mind. She was lost in a world full of lost dreams and failed fantasies. It made a smile timidly dance on her lips.
He was there in her little world. Dancing along to an unheard melody behind red stained roses. She’d reach out a touch a small finger to his warm cheeks, feeling the blood rush to them. A smile would trace his lips while light burst into his lively jade eyes. Don’t ever leave her thoughts echoed the ballroom she spun along in.
The foggy calming imagines in her head vanished like smoke in the wind. Swirling out of her view as she let out a silent cry watching it slip between her fingers like it was never there. Her hopes died, and the dull classroom environment presented itself to her with a fat ugly moan from the class around her.
Notes were passed down
:iconkay-love-pain17:Kay-Love-Pain17 31 24
Canada x Reader Fluffeh: Oh Maple~ part 2!
It’s just been exam week, and chaotic as a blizzard. You have no idea how Matthew, who you call Canada, managed all by himself. The thought of having to deal with all of the school assessments and the usual taunts by the bitches and the constant annoyance of the popular guys all by yourself would utterly horrify you. But, through the blizzard of the week, you had your little heater Canada for warmth. He made going to school worth it, and helped you with the homework often. After that first day, you were both the best of friends, always talking and laughing quietly, sitting underneath the maple trees. You also had the same classes too: Math, English, Art, Hospitality and French. You were surprised at first to know that he knew French, but since you were learning French and often struggled with it, you were definitely glad Canada did, because without his tutoring, you would have definitely failed French. He loved Art and was a surprisingly good cook too, and while he was quiet and
:iconsillystorm28:sillystorm28 111 31
Canada x Reader Fluffeh: Oh Maple~ part 1!
First day of school. Normally this would be a great day for you, because you would see all your friends and catch up on everything. They didn’t care or even bother to keep in touch, after you had to move away for family reasons. It was a hard lesson for you to learn; popularity did not mean friends. You did not know what to expect from this school... you didn’t know anyone and it’s the last school year so everyone has likely already made friends. Sighing, you realise that you will probably be alone for the year... you were done with the popular crowd, and you didn’t think you would fit in with the smarter students, or even take the bullying they would receive... even if you felt you deserved your own medicine. At least the school looks nice, and the teachers have all smiled at me... none of them look scary You sigh and enter the classroom to see where you will sit, or who you would even sit with. Stepping in, everyone looks at you, making you extremely se
:iconsillystorm28:sillystorm28 133 31
Mature content
Canada x reader: Birthday Sex (LEMON) :iconsillystorm28:sillystorm28 832 799
"Shut the fuck up, [Name]!" A dark haired man with a bat yelled.
"You shut the fuck up, Al! Don't you dare tell [Name] to shut up!" A blonde haired man with shades and a long curl yelled back.
"No one wants to fuckin' hear her sing!"
"I do~ Would anyone like a cupcake~?" A man with pink hair asked.
"You shut the fuck up too, Artie!"
"U-um...You guys?" The girl whose name was [Name] tried to speak up.
"Shut the fuck up [Name]!" They both yelled.
"This is a man's battle!"
"What part of you is manly!?"
"I'm gonna kill you, Mattie!"
The dark haired man, known as Al, swung his bat towards the blonde haired man, known as Mattie.
Mattie ducked, which caused it to hit Artie, the man with the pink hair.
"Al! You messed up my face! And my cupcakes!" Artie yelled.
"It wasn't like anyone was going to eat them." He blankly stated.
They continued to yell back and forth.
"I'm just going to leave then, if any of you are listening."
Which no one was.
"B-bye guys. See you later." She said as she walked
:iconsassyanimegyrl15:SassyAnimeGyrl15 1,112 360
(request) 2P!Canada x Reader
You stood in fear of the man in front of you, he looked down at you, blood covering him as he looked down at you, his bear standing next to him, covered in blood as well.
"Now, who are you." He grinned at you and you shrunk back.
"(N-Name)...." You whispered. You looked up at him as he smirked. He held a hand out to you and you looked up at him, deciding whether to take it or shrink back.
"Take the God damn hand." He growled and you nodded, taking his hand. He smiled and pulled you to your feet and pulled you into his arms.
You were frozen in fear and shock as the man hugged you.
"Your mine now~" He whispered in your ear and then nipped it gently. Soon after a wave of exhaustion hit you and you blacked out.
You woke up in a bright room. Your eyes stung slightly from the brightness so you shut them for a second. You opened them back up and sat up, noticing the white blankets that had been seconds ago keeping you warm. You looked to the window and watched as the grey curtain
:iconhetalia-robyn-chan:Hetalia-Robyn-Chan 640 142
Hetalia x Wife! Shy! Reader Lemon Intro
There you sat in the love chair near the window. Sunshine was streaming in with light pouring over the page of the book that you were reading. You were sitting waiting for you and your husband’s friends to come over for a dinner party. You and everyone else were supposed to be dressed to the nines in your “Sunday Bests”.  Your plan was to sit and read till the party started in half an hour. That was until you heard your husband coming down the stairs. You looked up to see him in a popular outfit from his home country. To put it simply he looked stunning. You looked down blushing. He saw the blush and smiled slightly. He walked up towards you and lifted your chin up, looking you in the eye. He bent down and pressed his lips to yours. After a few seconds you broke the kiss and shyly smiled at him. He bent down once again and pressed a quick kiss to the crown of your hair then moved behind the chair and wrapped his arms around you, placing his chin on your shoulder.
:iconclosetwritings:closetwritings 222 96
Amnesia(11) ~Gray Fullbuster x Amnesic!Reader~
You raced through the courtyard in those blasted heels. It was difficult but you had practice, being a princess and all. You spotted the pink haired dragon slayer. "Natsu! Lucy! Gray! Erza" you called. The four of them turned around. Natsu grinned.
"I told you she would come back Gray," Natsu laughed. You stopped before them completely out of breath. Once you regained your breath you smiled at them.
"I'm coming with you," Lucy threw her arms around you and laughed. Natsu followed along. Gray and Erza soon joined in the group hug.
"Why did you decide to come back with us?" Lucy asked after she pulled away from you.
"Well after I regained my memories, I realized the princess life isn't really for me. Thanks to my grandmother and Gray's help, I have more control over my magic than I did before! Also..." you felt a blush rise to your cheeks as you sneaked a peek at Gray.
"Also?" Natsu asked.
"I missed you guys," It wasn't a lie. You did miss them but you also wanted to be closer to Gray. A
:iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 32 5
Amnesia(10)~Gray Fullbuster x Amnesic!Reader~
Outside was a blood bath. Bodies of both sides lay scattered across the ground, dead, in their own pile of blood. Not to far ahead you saw the battle raging on.
"Hey! 'Bout time you joined us!" Natsu grinned. You smiled and quickly made your way towards him.
"Sorry it took so long," you smiled at him.
"If you hadn't realized," Gray spoke from in front of him. "We are in the middle of a war," he punched one of the enemies.
"Right. But first," you took a sword from a fallen soldier and cut your dress. You made it shorter and ripped off the sleeves. "Now I can move better! "
"Alright!" Together you and the fairy tail wizards, fought along side with your father's army. You were able to freely use your magic without worry.
"(Y/n)," Gray spoke from beside you.
"What is it?" You glanced at him.
"Do a unison raid with me," he smirked.
You agreed to do a unison raid with him. He took your hand and pulled you close to him.
"Make way everyone!" Gray yelled. They all parted ways as the enemy charg
:iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 16 6
Amnesia(9) ~Gray Fullbuster x Amnesic!Reader~
"You mean, you've regained your memories?" Your mother asked, hope shining in her eyes along with unshed tears.
You smiled at her and nodded, "Yeah,"
Your mother embraced you, "Im so happy."
"Mother I want to stay with Fairy tail," you pulled away from her.
"B-but I just got you back," her bottom lip trembled slightly.
"I know mother. I haven't known them for very long, but they've grown on me on such a short amount of time," you smiled at your mother.
"B-but you have to have magic to join a guild,"
"I do have magical abilities. Gray helped me train them after I lost my memories," you told her.
"Is that the one who seems to lose his clothes?" She asked.
You giggled, "Yes mother,"
The walls shook from the raging war. "The walls never shook this much..."
You sighed. "It's probably Natsu and the others going overboard...again."
"I'm so glad your safe dear," your mother said.
"I should go help them out," you made a movement towards the door but your mother snatched your wrist.
"Where are y
:iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 15 2
Amnesia(8) ~Gray Fullbuster x Amnesic!Reader~
Everyone was silent as you were led to the underground passageway to the castle. It was just over the border of the town you were previously in. You were unaware of the glances you were receiving from Ezra and Gray. Natsu and Happy didn't seem to care that you so happened to be a princess. Lucy was awe struck and had a goofy smile on her face.
"Almost there,"Lin said to everyone.
"Good. I was getting rather restless," Erza commented.
They approached a ladder and Lin was the first to climb it followed by you Erza, Gray, Natsu, then Lucy. When you got to the top everyone was in a garden. Lin put out the torch he had been holding and motioned for you to follow. The sounds of war echoed throughout the garden.
Lin entered the castle and continued down the corridor. He stopped in front of a large double door. He pushed both doors open and approached the man sitting on the throne.
All the while, you felt a sense a familiarity. Of course your memories had yet to return and it was frustrating.
:iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 38 10
Amnesia(7) ~Gray Fullbuster x Amnesic!Reader~
Gray woke up 10 minutes after you fell back asleep. He was shocked when he took notice of his position. A blush rose to his cheeks and he slowly lifted his head from yours. He didn't bothering removing your head from his shoulder, in fear of waking you up.
"Aw. What a cute couple," a woman smiled as she walked by. That only made him blush even more. A blanket was place over the two of you. Lucy and Erza had one they were sharing as well. Natsu had his own, well unless you count sharing it with Happy.
Gray went to stretch his arms but found something else linked with one of his hands. He looked down and nearly fell out of his seat. He had grabbed a hold of your hand during the night! Well at least that is what he believed. What he didn't know was that it was actually you who had taken his hand.
"Ooooh Gray's in love!" Happy spoke from beside him. Gray jumped and gently released his hand.
"I am not!" He grumbled back to the blue flying cat.
"Then why were you holding (Y/n)'s hand?" Happy
:iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 25 17
Amnesia(6) ~Gray Fullbuster x Amnesic!Reader~
Erza nodded. "Yes. A few years ago I also went there and helped out the king and queen. At that time they had a daughter, however I never got to meet her."
"So we might get to meet the princess!?" you and Natsu asked.
"Perhaps." Erza said. "Now hurry and gather necessary things." Erza, Natsu, Gray, and Happy left the apartment. You and Lacu quickly packed a bag of clothes and ran to meet everyone outside.
"Ready?" Gray questioned. The two of you nodded and everyone headed out to the train station. On the train,you ended up squished inbetween a moaning Natsu and Gray. Lucy gave you a sly grin. She knew of your crush on Gray and constantly teased you about it. And now, here you were, pressed against him for god know's how long.
Natsu had already passed out and his head was in your lap. You didn't really care though.
"So Erza, mind telling us the details?" Gray asked the red headed woman.
"Well about a month ago, the kingdom entered a war. We are to go and help them claim victory,"  
:iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 26 4
Amnesia(5)~Gray Fullbuster x Amesic!Reader~
“So she’s Erza…” you thought eyeing the blonde hair girl.
“Welcome back you guys!” Mirajane greeted.
“Yes. The mission was a success,” the red haired girl stated.]
“Natsu, Gray, Erza, Lucy!” a sudden booming voice echoed throughout the guild hall. “The magic council has sent me yet another stack of complaints regarding your last mission!”
“Sorry master…” The two boys, you assumed was Gray and Natsu, hung their heads.
“Erza you have a visitor,” Bisca called. The red haired girl turned her attention to Bisca and you and made her way towards the two of you.
“Who might you be?” she asked.
“(Y-y/n)...” you stuttered. She was kinda scary.
“I see. I am Erza Scarlet.” she said.
“Oh! Were you given the last name ‘Scarlet’ because of your hair!” you pointed out.
Erza smiled. “Why have you sought me out?”
Oh right…
:iconcrimsonsarrow:CrimsonsArrow 27 4


Paintbook Art - coloured/Shaded
I'll do the best but; Yea.

Here are some examples 
Paintbook Art - Outline
These are 5 points each. Ignore the price for it. If you want the 10? I'll make you two Outlines of it for the of 10.
Sketch - Coloured/Pencil tone
The Pencil tone & a Coloured and outline Exmaple is available 



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