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That Picture of Ryu.



This is a picture of Tony Hawk, moments after the advent exhibition of his newly perfected 1080. An otherwise eclat performance, now a photo of memorial.

Tony Hawk has passed away.

A combination of the ill-conceived relocation of the X-Games to Ryu's backyard, and Ryu's own genuine excitement, lead to his untimely demise.

The picture was taken in the final moments of the 1080 as he banked off the back of a koi fish. Sadly, Tony Hawk's masterstroke was unable to be captured. Ryu, so thrilled by Tony's showmanship lead to the premature evocation of a hadouken. He was vaporized in the mere preparation of the technique before the 1080 was completed. His glory unseen, but not unfelt. The tender presence of Tony Hawk's remains blanket the forest in the background. If you look closely, a warm smile can be seen as he is dispersed back into the verdant loving arms of the green mother. His ashes a reminder, Ryu is a busy man, and he doesn't get out often. So keep the excitement to a minimum.

May he rest in peace, forever with nature, and the word of his majestic final stunt unforgotten.

His name was Tony Hawk.
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lol @ the description.