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Do you like to game? Do you want to meet other gamers? Well then join us in our quest to create a gaming community that will play the world!

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Hi guys! Long time, no post I suppose. I was trying not to post back to back as I'm only a game reviewer for this group and have been trying to wait for another blogger to post before I did again. I guess that's just the way it goes though.

I don't have anything worth reviewing, not yet anyway. I just recently got a hold of Deus Ex and haven't seen enough of it to pen a review I feel would be fair. I'm pretty sure you all have heard just how amazing it is though. hehe

I have, however, been playing Parasite Eve: 3rd Birthday for the PSP. I have mixed feelings on it. Square-Enix gives off that vibe that they don't know what direction they want that series to go in. Going from straight RPG, to 3rd Person shooter RPG, to what feels like is mainly a 3rd person shooter right down to the 'take cover' walls. The first Parasite Eve was a great 'new' take on RPGs. Somewhere between Survival horror and Sci-Fi fantasy. I was hooked the second I heard the opening theme song honestly. 3rd Birthday seems to have dropped the mainstays of an RPG and gone to the shooter side. Each area/chapter/level has you customizing your guns and taking cover behind half walls.
If anyone is actually interested in hearing more I'll officially review it. I have over 6 hours or so on it and feel pretty familiar with it. I will say one thing.. it's pretty hard.

Pax I believe just ended. Seems like we have a lot to look forward to. Of course we know the big names like Mass Effect, and Bioshock infinite are gaining hype. Dead island has my attention...aside from the guy hanging himself from the palm tree... I don't know that  would be very effective. I've never tried it so what do I know?
What are you guys looking forward to seeing come out this holiday season?

Oh! One more thing. . .Anyone else heard the rumor that Nintendo is working on a new version of the 3DS? I was entertaining the idea of getting one this holiday season since the price drop but now I'm on the fence. . .again. Nintendo refuses to comment but we've all learned that's just their way of dodging. At the same time releasing another version so soon seems like they think they made a mistake. Then again, so does the price drop.

I have my qualms with the 3DS (I have bad vertigo, 3ds makes it worse, not that eager to buy a system that I have turn off the main feature to play it) and I've never really wanted one.  I still feel that perhaps they just need to give it time. There are some interesting games slated for it. Maybe patience is all it needs.
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